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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Benighted in Brighton: University of Sussex succumbs to BDS (& update re Southampton Uni Hatefest)

The University of Sussex is a seat of learning founded as the forerunner of several "new universities"  in the 1960s.   It managed to poach famous scholars from other universities and to say it was "flavour of the month" is to make an understatement.

Then, it seemed, anyone who was anyone wanted to go there, perhaps even in preference to Oxbridge, and certainly as a consolation for failing to gain admittance to either Oxford or Cambridge.

It was notoriously difficult to even secure an interview for admission, owing to the vast numbers of applicants.

Its initial intake of undergraduates included the famous "Jay Twins", daughters of the Labour Cabinet minister Douglas Jay, and that enhanced the publicity surrounding it.

It was once known (rightly or wrongly) for the numbers of Jews on campus as both academics and students.

And for the number of trendy lefties in its ranks.

It is now, according to a recent Jewish student there writing in Ha'aretz last year:
'a famously anti-Israel campus ...  [T]he atmosphere is definitely very anti-Israel'.
 Now, this campus near Brighton has joined the ranks of the BDSers.

Consequent upon a vote taken last week, its students' union is pledged to eschew all Israeli products, cultural and academic institutions, to lobbying the university to avoid cooperation with Israeli companies, and to abandon all investments in Israel.

Advises its website:

 The Students' Union should endorse the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement against Israel

Votes cast - 1292. Abstentions - 113

Yes - 806- 68%
No - 373 - 32%

The Students' Union will endorse the BDS movement against Israel.

The photos show some of the Israel-haters whooping it up in response to the announcement of the vote.

Compare this.

Breaking News:
To the signatories of the Zionist Federation's petition on
Southampton Uni's Kangaroo Court Cancelled?
31 Mar 2015 — After weeks of pressure, this morning the organisers of Southampton University's anti-Israel conference released an astounding statement:
"It is with extreme astonishment and sadness that we have to inform you that the University of Southampton has told us earlier yesterday (Monday 30 March 2015) that it intends to withdraw its permission to hold the academic conference on International Law and the State of Israel."
(You can read the full statement here:
As of yet, Southampton University have not released an statement on the matter, with the conference still officially being under review. If the event is cancelled, it will be a huge victory for all the thousands who have campaigned against this bigoted event.
But we're not finished yet. Over 6000 people have signed this petition, agreeing that it's not right or fair for Israel to be singled out in this way. It's not right or fair for the Jewish state to be found guilty of the "crime" of existing. And it's certainly not right or fair for extremists like Richard Falk, who peddle conspiracy theories and antisemitism, to welcome on campus.
That's why we're asking you for what we hope will be one last push, to show Southampton University how many people agree that this anti-Israel kangaroo court shouldn't go ahead.
So please, let's make sure this is the last time we ask: Share this petition!
 (No update so far on this petition)

Predictably the Israel-haters are marshalling; this, for instance, by an anti-Israel activist who just happens to be halachically Jewish:

Interesting post on Harry's Place here re the apparent cancellation, showing inter alia a dodgy comment regarding a "pound of flesh" ...


  1. It's long past time for Israel to simply boycott in kind. No, not toss out British students from Israel, that would be silly. But to simply stop all academic participation with British academic institutions. But in the hard sciences. Stop all shared research, stop all development programs and importantly stop licensing all medical, engineering and scientific technology to or with British academics. All of them. Britain isn't sacrosanct. The UK can seek out other venues such as Sudanese biotechnology and Malaysian astrophysics. Since Britain wants to purge itself of all Jewish nefarity, then fine, we need to help them do that.

  2. I wonder if all these students will boycott Israeli designed goods such as;
    Microsoft platforms,Intel chips, text messaging, heart drugs, security doors as found in nearly all homes today.cherry tomatoes and the rest. If these bigots really did start boycotting all of the above then all credit to them, but they won't as not one of them would put down their mobile phone for such a so called righteous polices cause. Oh look there's that h word again.

  3. I suppose you support the shooting of innocent children in the back by the idf death squads?


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