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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Jake Lynch's Nemesis Revealed: The Redhead With The Balls

So here she is, the lady in my previous post dubbed "carrot top".

This footage is taken from a long post in support of Jake Lynch by Michael Brull, an incorrigible Israel-bashing Aussie Jewish leftist whose articles sometimes appear on the ABC's "The Drum".

See a snippet of his mindset in the dialogue I reproduced in this recent Facebook exchange with another Jewish leftist:

"Get Out! Get Out! ... Get Lost!":

"This is the woman who assaulted me":

"This is going to cost you a lot of money..."


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks as always, Ian. I have now :)
      (h/t to you, of course)

  2. I know that woman. I think she may be a Holocaust survivor and I think Lynch could be sued for harassment and intimidation

    1. I think I spotted your old mate V in the front row, Shirlee (>>>>>>>>> runs and hides)

    2. Yup the old bag was there.
      I am beginning to wonder who of the loony left wasn't.

      As far as I am aware, these creatures were present

      Lynch, Brull, Porsolt, Duffill, Reimer, Gibson, Torlakovic (RedFlag), McGoldrick, other members of ‘Sydney Staff for BDS’, and I wonder how many other Israel haters had a part in this that we are unaware of.

    3. I wonder how many, if any, knew beforehand what was going to occur - the student disruption, and indeed who if any had a hand in planning or encouraging it.
      One of the videos shows a dark-haired male protester walking up the steps to the left of where the audience is sitting (rather than immediately joining the demo demons at front) and smiling at someone. I wonder whether that someone was a certain ass prof himself and whether he smiled back :(

  3. From the Web 'Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick's book, Peace Journalism, is published by Hawthorn Press. Jake is a BBC television news anchor and reporter, a former Political Correspondent for Sky News and Sydney Correspondent for the Independent newspaper. Annabel is an experienced reporter and producer in radio and television, having covered conflicts in Indonesia, Thailand and Burma. She produced the BBC documentary, Against the War, with Harold Pinter, during the Nato bombing of Yugoslavia.' Jakie reckons the red-haired woman 'attacked' his spouse Annabel too - Paul Sheehan article
    Jakie and NIcky in SMH -


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