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Saturday 27 September 2014

Piers Akerman On The Great Australian Blight

Lefties on parade
Like fellow-Aussie columnist Andrew Bolt, Sydney Daily Telegraph columnist Piers Akerman goes where the blinkered, the naive, and those afraid of reprisals, fail to tread.

Over the past few days he has written two hard-hitting articles regarding multiculturalism and Islamofascism.

To quote from the first:
'The war against terror in Australia will count for nothing ­unless it is accompanied by a war against the culture that permitted terrorism to gain a foothold in the country.
At a rally in Melbourne on Friday
That would be the invidious policy of multiculturalism promoted [during the 1970s] by the Whitlam government’s notorious minister for immigration Al Grassby....
Multiculturalism is a great example of elitist policy-­making that should be dumped.
Since the Leftist intelligentsia launched the French Revolution, Leftist elites have triggered top-down revolutions with results in Russia, China, South-East Asia and South and Central America.
Grassby and others within the Labor Party and the academia have promoted culturally undermining policies of moral equivalence of which multiculturalism is but one manifestation.... [M]ulticulturalism ... encourages division and repels ­integration....
Many Muslims who came to this country have chosen to live in ghettos in which English is rarely used, in homes with satellite dishes channelling Arabic (the taxpayer-funded ABC runs Al Jazeera news broadcasts and the taxpayer-funded SBS provides ­Arabic programming).
Many are choosing not to become part of mainstream Australia, though the efforts of brave individuals such as prominent Lebanese community leader Jamal Rifi and his friend Mamdouh Elomar, whose son Mohamed is among the 60-odd Australians to have answered the jihadists’ call to arms, are to be applauded....'
Read the rest here

Another view: Note the Radical Women's presence!
To quote from the second:
'Thanks to the publicly funded ethnic lobby and its supporters at the ABC, SBS and Fairfax, Australians were denied the opportunity to examine and possibly root out the evil of Islamo-fascism when it first came to public attention during the so-called Cronulla riots of December 2005.
Then, when convoys of young Lebanese-Australian publicly demonstrated their hatred for Western culture, terrorising whole suburbs as they smashed windows, vandalised cars and shouted abuse at men and women dressed in regular street clothing, the public was advised: Move along, nothing to see here.
Radical Women on a previous occasion
But there was plenty to see. Just as there had been when some Australian Muslims cheered the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, and failed to condemn the Bali bombings. What was on show was undeniable evidence that within the Muslim community there were many, not just a handful, who were supporters of terrorism.
But the handful of commentators who dared point out the obvious were warned off with threats from various taxpayer-funded organisations and nanny state apparatchiks that publicising the blatant unvarnished facts about Cronulla might whip up unnecessary fear and create division in the community. Instead of highlighting the self-evident antagonism of many young men in the Muslim communities in Sydney and Melbourne, particularly, to the society in which they or in many cases, their parents, had sought and received sanctuary from attacks from other Muslim groups in their former homelands, the publicly funded media portrayed the violent bullies as victims....
And on another
The weakness shown by the authorities then has undoubtedly encouraged a generation to arrogantly believe in their own supremacy now. Whenever challenged, they and their lawyers would play the victimhood card.
Whether it was the increase in fanatical suicide bombings, the 9/11 attacks, or even the gang rapes carried out by young men who self-identified as Muslims even as they were committing the most heinous crimes, the kumbaya crowd has always insisted the perpetrators were the real victims.
Just as the Islamic Council of Victoria has refused to condemn 18-year-old Abdul Numan Haider, who was shot and killed at Endeavour Hills Police Station in Melbourne on Tuesday after he arrived for an interview with two knives and savagely wounded an Australian Federal Police officer and a Victorian policeman before he was shot dead. Political leaders have been too quick to say Islam is not the problem.
But elements of Islam are clearly part of the problem, as anyone familiar with the Koran must be aware.
Constant appeasement of the vocal radicals is not the answer, be it with the censorship of free speech by S18C of the Racial Discrimination Act or through biased programming like the ABC’s Q & A show.
Having failed to address the issue of Islamo-fascism when it started to emerge within the Australian Muslim community, politicians are still reluctant to confront reality. There is a division in Australian society between those who refuse to assimilate and those who welcome the freedoms offered by our pluralistic society....'
Read the rest here

Al Beeb's man in Sydney displays that huge IQ of his again
Meanwhile (as reported here), two Liberal politicians have expressed concern over last Monday's ABC Q&A program in which two Muslim panel members uttered the following sentiments regarding the previous Thursday's terror raids of a number of Muslim homes in Sydney and Brisbane:
Randa Abdel-Fattah:
"....The timing of the raids, you know, the fact that it is happening one week before - it happened one week before, conveniently, the most draconian legislation is about to be announced. We have the fact that we’re going sending troops into Iraq. The whole way that the raids were televised, it was almost like an NCIS episode, almost live feeds. The fact that police were providing, you know, footage to the media, the wall-to-wall coverage that we've seen in the media.... You cannot help but feel cynical about the timing of these raids, the fact that it is whipping people up into a frenzy of hysteria of war fever and the back-to-back coverage....Not only did it provide theatre, not only did it give a sense for Australians to get behind the raids and the wall-to-wall coverage in the media, but it reinforced this wider narrative of Muslims as criminals, as Muslims as the antagonists of Australian values and I'm very cynical about the Government's use of these raids to politicise the Muslim problem of terrorism.[indistinct]...."
Anne-Azza Aly:
".... All terrorism is theatre and all counter-terrorism is theatre. So, yes, it was a manufactured spectacle but that's what counter-terrorism is. That's what security is.... That’s what counter-terrorism is. That’s what terrorism is. It’s all about theatre. So I think we have to accept there is an element of theatre, because this is essentially about perception and it is about convincing people and changing people's minds to a particular world view, whether that world view is that of ISIS and the Islamic State or whether that world view is that of the Australian Government and democratic values and so on and so forth."
 Interesting article by Aussie Islam scholar (and Anglican minister) Mark Durie here

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