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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Beware The Anti-Israel MacRatbags: Why we should fear a "Yes" vote in Thursday's Scottish referendum

Members of the Radical Independence Campaign standing with Gaza
The outcome of Scotland's referendum on Thursday to decide whether or not to secede from the Union with England hangs in the balance, with polls indicating that the probable result is too close to call.

A "Yes" vote leading to the breakup of the United Kingdom would be a tragedy, diminishing Britain's weight in the world.

It would also limit opportunities for Scots, people who have not, despite the nonsense pushed in some "Yes" circles, been oppressed by "the English"; indeed, in the twentieth century alone there were five British prime ministers from Scotland and others with Scottish connections, including Tony Blair.

Ratbags in Edinburgh
Scots have played a distinguished part in Britain's wars and in the development of the British Empire (the East India Company was largely dominated by Scots, something that the leftists would rather not acknowledge).

More importantly from our standpoint, Scottish independence would mean and the dominance in Scotland of the Israel-hating Left, which has to date been responsible for five Scottish councils commiting to BDS and which is thirsting to wreak more mischief of that sort.

As the Jewish Chronicle reported last week that some Jews intend to vote "Yes" despite apprehensions:
 'Scottish Jews are concerned that independence could lead to a rise in anti-Zionism but, for many, it will not stop them voting yes.
Scotland's 6,000-strong community has faced a summer of rising anti-Israel protest amid the Gaza conflict, with Glasgow and Edinburgh town halls flying the Palestinian flag and protesters boycotting stores stocking Israeli goods.
With the latest polling putting the yes and no camps at level pegging in the run-up to the vote on September 18, Jews are having to consider what affect independence could have on issues such as circumcision and kosher slaughter, and whether a new goverment would pursue a harder line on Israel.
... Paul Morron, president of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council [is not panicking but concedes]
"An independent Scottish government will have control over foreign policy and that may take a more anti-Israel view. This could increase pressure on the community. We have seen how quickly anti-Israel feeling can turn into antisemitism.
"In the last 60 years Glasgow has not suffered this level of antisemitism so of course there is a major shockwave going through the community. ..."
....Living in England, Rabbi Alan Plancey, emeritus rabbi of Borehamwood Synagogue, cannot vote next week, but as a proud Scot he is keenly following the campaign, and is dead against independence. "Why do we have to split up everything all the time? If it works, why break it?" he said.
"There is a lot of antisemitism in Scotland - if they go on their own, it could be worse. Once they have their own fully sovereign government and parliament, God knows what they will do."'
 Note this recent press release by the Radical Independence Campaign:
“An independent Scotland could have a Palestinian embassy and support sanctions against Israel”, Radical Independence Campaign co-founder Jonathon Shafi has said, ahead of a Scotland-wide march against the Israeli invasion of Gaza.
The writing on the wall
The Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) were present at the Scotland-wide demonstration and have printed placards reading ‘Scotland’s stands with Gaza – Free Palestine’. Jonathon Shafi, who will be speaking at the demonstration, said:
‘Israel has broken the UN Human Rights Charter many times over. But we have come to come expect nothing but inaction from successive Westminster Governments. This is not the first time Israel have committed war crimes, such as collective punishment, and as long as the UK Government and the rest of the international community continue to stand in support of Israel, it won’t be the last.
An independent Scotland could follow the example of Chile, who announced this week that they were suspending trade talks with Israel and considering withdrawing its ambassador from Tel-Aviv(1).
An independent Scotland could stand with those in the international community who want to see peace and justice for the people of Palestine. It could support effective political and economic sanctions against Israel. And it could make a symbolic gesture of the legitimacy of Palestine on the international stage by having a Palestinian embassy in a newly independent Scotland.
With the full powers of independence, the Scottish Government could play a definitive and leading role in standing against Israeli occupation and the oppression of Palestinians. Contrast that with David Camerons ‘staunch support’ of Israel."

Note what Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), said on Sunday. To quote the  Jewish Chronicle:
'Scottish politician Alex Salmond appeared to compare the Islamic State terror group’s beheading of a British aid worker to the actions of the Israeli government in controversial comments on Sunday.
Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Mr Salmond said: “The Muslim community of Scotland isn’t responsible in any shape or form for atrocities or extremism, just like a few weeks ago the Jewish community of Scotland wasn’t responsible for the policies of the state of Israel.”
The Scottish National Party leader was commenting after Scottish aid worker David Haines was murdered by Islamic State terrorists in Iraq.'
Note, too, that Mick Napier, the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign chief, is as fanatical a pro-Scottish independence proponent as he is an anti-Israel one.

If Scotland does become independent, this initiative of Napier's, argued by him before the Scottish Parliament that Edward Snowden by granted asylum in Scotland, is a likely example of what the ratbags will do.

Yes, if they get independence, that is a likely example of what they will do Though they are unlikely to cite a Yiddish tale, as he does in that video. What chutzpah!

 I give several recent examples of Mr Napier's mindset below, as contained in recent messages of his on Facebook.

And cheering Scottish independence on, the Welsh Green Party's anti-Israel leader:

As well as the anti-Israel Socialist Workers mob:

Yet another ratbag for independence, in a nonsensical piece in the Guardian:


  1. Never mind Iraq.

    We should bomb Scotland.

    We may never get a better opportunity.

  2. Scotlandistan would just be another half-failed EU state. Does it really matter if they ran around screaming "Death to Israel" all day and night? 6,000 Jews living there now could emigrate pretty quickly. The real problem is on the other side. How does Israel expel it's newly Scotlandian passport holders if they haven't been issued or easily identified yet?

    BTW the odds are better than good that if Scotland goes its merry way that the UK is well on its way to abandoning nuclear weapons. The only nuclear sub base in the UK is there and building another one in Britain will cost them 50 billion pounds. But as Britain goes the way of the caliphate that's not a bad thing.

  3. From Jewish/Israeli perspetive you also can support Yes vote.UK is center of anti - israeli hatred of West , more it weak is better. Galloway is big supporter of Union.

  4. The balkanisation of Britain is too high a price to pay for the loss to Westminster of 41 Scottish Labour MPs.

  5. Anonymous should not rejoice in the weakness of the UK. It is weak because we have abandoned Christianity and Israel. Galloway follows the money. The Union is not anti-Semitic in its nature.

    Salmond is the leader of a Nationalist and Socialist party, but no-one seems capable of joining the dots.

    An independent Scotland will need immigrants. You can guess where they will come from.

    1. I could not agree more, Ian. Great to "see" you again. I have missed you. I have been so busy I never did carry out my intention to enquire after you.

  6. To augment my last comment, I am convinced that were British children of Christian background still to learn traditional Scripture studies there would be far more sympathy with Israel. They would identify Israel as the good guy vs Pharoah and the modern State of Israel as the good guy against those who would destroy it. Certainly, there would be exceptions, but the lack of traditional Scripture lessons, like the lack of traditional History lessons, has weakened traditional attitudes and loyalties

    1. As you know, I can only agree. (For anyone else, I am a preacher and RE teacher of the old school). I haven't blogged or posted for far too long. It's nice to be missed and appreciated. I am trying to find time to do a bit more online.

    2. I hope you do, Ian. I sometimes have to make a real effort at the moment because I'm editing/writing busily on topics unrelated to this blog.

  7. Negative image of Israel has led to this bad news

  8. The Jewish Chronicle link is broken

    Here's the video
    MarrShow Alex Salmond kid glove interview 14Sept14
    from Truth Revolt.
    Scottish Separatist Leader Compares Israel To Isis
    Weird story
    Palestinian Bagpipers Back Scottish Independence

  9. More ratbags for independence:

  10. Scotlandistan would just be another three-quarters-failed EU state like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and the like.


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