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Saturday 20 September 2014

ISIS Could Be Defeated in 90 Days: Retired US General

In a speech last week a retired American three star general, Thomas G. McInerney, identified radical Islam (which he compared to totalitarian political movements), political correctness regarding the Islamic enemy (such as Obama's),  the economy, the downsizing of the military, and the US policy of "counter-insurgency" Obama's in the Middle East as factors that have undermined US power in a perilous world:
"Unless we're harsh we're going to lose this nation. We're losing it fast ....
These are very dangerous times for America. We are leading from behind, and that's why these things are happening. You cannot lead from behind. Someone has to lead....
Political correctness is killing us. It is a global war against radical Islam. Let's call it what it is ... Islam is not a religion of peace."
Owing to the US military's technical superiority, he claimed, it should, with a change of policy,  take only 90 days to defeat ISIS:
"Let's just kill them. I would wipe them out.
Hit the mosque, take them out.  Until we get serious, we are being unfair to our troops and the American public."
In support of his views the general reminded his audience that during the Second World War Germany's cities were devasted by Allied bombing, and that the US should be striking 200 locations a day:
"There's no question in Germany's mind who won. That's been our problem [in the Middle East]."
He also argued that Middle Eastern nations should be pressed into providing ground forces ("We do need boots on the ground, but not American boots") and that after ISIS is vanquished the US should not participate in nation-building:
"That's their problem. They're the ones that ought to be doing it."
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  1. Actually Daphne, ISIS could be defeated in a week if the will was thwere, Turkey from the North, Irag from the South, Syria from the West, Iran and the Kurds from the East. With Air support from the West . It would entail a huge death count, where every ISIS gunman was wiped out. Those idiots who run back to their home countries to be arrested and sent back to Syria and Iraq to face trial. Same with their supporters abroad The world did it with the Nazis, why can't we do it with similar minded bigots..

  2. Can't be done.
    There are idiots worldwide waiting to fight for 'the cause'
    Just listened to Julie Bishop on TV, she said that some 80 countries have major concerns about it's citizens fighting for that same cause.


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