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Monday 19 May 2014

"The Jews – Once So Oppressed, Now So Oppressive": Odious article by ABC broadcaster Peter Goers

Adelaide-based Peter Goers is a broadcaster with the ABC, Australia's answer to the BBC.

In Adelaide's Sunday Mail a couple of years ago he wrote, inter alia, when regretting the rise of militant atheism:
'I write as a poor Christian, happily raised a Methodist thanks to the quiet and nurturing faith not of the fathers but the mothers.
I will never deny the beautiful faith of my mother and grandmother and my Sunday school education, which was a blessing.

That said, I'm also a bit of an agnostic as are all reasonable people of reasonable faith. None of us knows if there is a God, but there's always hope.
I have enormous respect for agnostics and for people of quiet, personal, fulfilling faith which must always question. I do not believe in proselytising.'
He continued:
Muslims do not proselytise and some of the best Christians I've ever known are Muslims. We would do well to learn from moderate Islam.'  [Emphasis added]
He had nothing to say in that article about Jews, who of course, unlike Muslims and indeed Christians, famously do not proselytise.

Evidently in that astonishing blanket claim about Muslims he has never encountered any of the Islamic proselytisers who spruik their conversionist pamphlets on busy shopping streets in Australian capital cities as they do in the dear old Motherland. But at least his comment indicates where his sympathies apparently lay, and this may be instructive in light of his latest article, referred to below.

(Indeed, in another article he wrote that Australia 
"may be better off as a Muslim nation. Christianity has never been less popular and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. It's a religion of peace, love, family values and respect, and the only faith to give women equality in its holy book." [!!!!!!! Emphasis added])
Last week Goers visited Palestine with the Australian Friends of Palestine (its home page carries that set of misleadingly mendacious maps) and South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon, who found the situation in Hebron "heart-breaking" according to press reports. 

In today's Adelaide Sunday Mail Goers has an article entitled "The Shame of Israel's Palestinian Apartheid" in which he demonises Israel from start to finish.  It is as offensive an article as any that I have ever read in Australia (and, believe me, I've read a lot of newspaper articles dealing with Jews and Israel, and should be protested by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry).

The article begins on a hyperbolic note, and continues in lacrymose mood:
"Jesus wept. In Palestine, Jesus wept and so did I. I weep for the Palestinians living under the Israeli apartheid ...'
I'm not begrudging Goers his sympathy towards Palestinians.  But this is a damning dangerous article.

There is not one word of understanding for Israel's predicament, no word of sympathy for Israeli civilians suffering terrorist attacks, no attempt to explain why Israel erected its security barrier or how that barrier has reduced suicide bombings, no attempt to set the "refugee"issue in context, no attempt to empathise at all with a country that Goers, in a picturesque analogy, accurately describes as tiny.

He has swallowed the Palestinian narrative hook, line, and sinker.

But it is not only Israel that is demonised by Goers.  So, too, are the Jews.  And Jesus, the Judean, the Jew, is decribed as a Palestinian!
'I weep for those who must live behind the wall.... 
I weep for all 720km of this barbaric wall in Israel, a tiny country twice the size of Kangaroo Island.
I weep for the worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third most holy place in Islam. It’s in the Old City of Jerusalem, next to the Dome of the Rock – one of he most thrillingly beautiful structures in the world....
I weep for the many Israelis who want to destroy the 1400-year-old Dome of the Rock, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Christian churches in this land whence prophets come.
I weep for the Palestinians who are second-class citizens in their own land. Intimidated, harassed, removed....
I weep for the settlements and the 630,000 intrusive settlers in Palestinian territory. I weep for faith, killed by fundamentalism. I weep for the illegal military occupation of Palestine for 47 years after millennia of occupations of this land as old as time. Jesus was a Palestinian born under another occupation.
 I weep for this apartheid....
I weep for Palestinian refugees....
I weep for the oppressive, bellicose Israelis. The Jews – once so oppressed, now so oppressive. Recently the most distinguished Israeli writer Amos Oz decried some of his countrymen as “Hebrew neo-Nazis”. I weep that the Palestinians are “the Jews of the Jews”....
I weep for greed ...
I weep for the 1004 Palestinian children arrested, tortured, abused and abducted last year....
I weep for the pain and cost of all this useless persecution ...
I weep for this land of endless repression....'
See all of Goers' outrageous article here


  1. I saw the article about Xenaphon by the odious Lyons in last weeks OZ, Nick has swallowed all the lies as well.
    BTW Henderson demolished Fraser in the OZ

  2. Another Jew hater. Go figure. Weeps for fellow Jew haters under the guise of caring for the people they oppress so they can continue the Jew hatred.

  3. How ironic it is that, in the past, Jews were oppressed and persecuted owing to false and malignant charges, and now, as Goers odious allegations demonstrate, Israel, the Jew among the nations, is being subjected to false and malignant charges.

  4. 1) For search engine reasons, put the actual evil author's name right in your blog entry title, so people who want to learn more about him will see this

    2) Five anti-Israel people and zero pro-Israel people commented on the actual article. If any of you want to make a difference, you need to take 3 minutes to sign up for that site and complain about it.

    3) Anybody offended by that article also needs to complain to the editors. Go to the website, click around, find their editorial department emails, and send links to this daphneanson blog entry with your complaints.

    4) I checked their Twitter account (that newspaper) and barely anybody tweeted at them.

    All you pro-Israel people need to make your VOICE HEARD, in multiple ways. Complaining on a pro-Israel blog and then forgetting about it won't accomplish anything. Half the battle is blog entries like this one here. THe other half is DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, whether you simply complain on Twitter, complain on email, make phone calls, or even better, complaining to the editors, reaching out to sponsors, etc.

    These are my thoughts in an effort to help the pro-Israel side. YOU have to do stuff. (YOU being EVERYBODY who actually cares).

    1. Thanks for the tip re the name in the title; I usually do and have now done so here..


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