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Sunday 18 May 2014

Obama, The Mullahs, & Iranian Dissent

Conservative social and political commentator Alicia Colon has written a weekly column for the New York Sun since 2002, and writes for several other journals.  During her career she has interviewed numerous notable figures.

In her latest newspaper column she tells of her communication with an Iranian dissident, a lapsed Muslim, who first made contact with her seven years ago:

'[H]e wanted me to know what was going on in Iran because no one in the media wanted to publicize it. I do not consider myself then or now an investigative reporter in the international theater and I tried to enlist others more experienced on my paper to handle this but got nowhere. I did manage to meet with him and found his information not only interesting but very relevant to our national security. I ended up writing a column ("The Persian Renaissance") that drew enormous reaction from Iranians both here in America and throughout the world. I also had a heavy helping of hate mail. I wrote:
"There are, in fact, two Irans, and the lesser known one to most Americans is undergoing a renaissance that the ruling Iranian mullahs fear the most. If the Persians are awakened to their identity as children of Cyrus the Great, who wrote mankind's first charter of human rights, these oppressive regimes will topple domino-style. Besides Iran, the Persian heritage is embedded in Iraq and Afghanistan, and were it to be rekindled, a revolution unheard of in scope could occur."
[H]e told me that Korans are being burned in Iran, and that there is a strong movement toward the philosophy of Zoroastrianism....'

Moving forward to the present, Alicia Colon writes that the dissident activist:
'has signed on and affiliated with to promote what may be an historic and bloodless revolution. I urge everyone to go to the only website about Iran that has not been taken over by the Mullahs. Please read the statement [video here] ....
I had a recent meeting with [the dissident] and learned of the exciting new movement that may require the American people once and for all to demand that our government do the right thing. America needs to undo the damage that President Jimmy Carter did to Iran by ushering in the Ayatollah Khomeini and the Mullahs and removing the Persian Shah of Iran. Obama has been pussy-footing around the Mullahs trying to rein in their nuclear ambitions and is just as deluded about Islam as Carter.'
Her dissident friend insists:
"... Islamic Tazi Mullahs want nothing more than the destruction of Iranian culture. To call the mullahs leaders of Iran is an insult to Iranians and their culture. The term Islamic and republic are not compatible for Islam gets its authority from Allah and Sharia law and the republic from the people. To say "Iranian election" like the western media does is an intellectual crime against the Iranian people. The prerequisite of an election is the freedom for people to choose their candidates and not a handful of fascistic Mullahs. Any negotiations with Tazi Mullahs occupying Iran, is an attempt to further defraud the great people of Iran and the people know it. Obama, should have directed his message to the people rather than legitimizing the Mullahs by calling them leaders."
Read the entire article here

(Hat tip: reader Shirlee, whose website "News and Views from Jews Down Under" has very recently moved to this location)

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