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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Thursday 15 May 2014

Always A Peace Process, Never A Peace

'Palestinians say that for Muslims, Palestinian land reaches "from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea" – that is, over all of what is now Israel. In their view, Tel Aviv is illegally occupied territory just as much as any of the settlements in the West Bank. This view is based on the Muslim doctrine, deeply rooted in Islamic jurisprudence, called "waqf" (religious endowment). Any territory once under the control of Muslims, must forever be controlled by Muslims.  According to Islamic law, "If a person makes something waqf, it ceases to be his property and neither he nor anybody else can gift or sell it to any other person', write Harold Rhode and Joseph Raskas this week in a footnoted article:
'.... Today, any Palestinian Muslim leader who would sign a final peace agreement recognizing as Jewish any part of what had once been part of the Muslim World would be violating a core tenet of Islam... And any Palestinian leader who agreed to surrender land held in trust by the Muslim waqf would not only be humiliated, but very likely assassinated.
Abbas's predecessor, Yasser Arafat, faced this dilemma at Camp David in 2000, when Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, offered Arafat all of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, with the exception of what was under the Temple Mount. Arafat, knowing that he could never accept such an agreement, rejected Barak's offer. He then asserted that, "There never was a Jewish Temple there," and is reputed to have said, "Do you want see me up there having tea with Sadat?" – a reference to the assassination by Islamists of Egypt's President Anwar Sadat, who had signed a peace treaty with Israel.
[John] Kerry, [Martin] Indyk and their staff, even with the best intentions, seem unaware that Muslims cannot ever, under any conditions, cede territory regarded as rightfully belonging to Muslims – or, more aptly, to Allah – to non-Muslims. 
So even with Kerry's and Indyk's – or anyone's – best efforts, any attempt to coax Abbas into signing a permanent agreement that would undermine this Muslim requirement is futile....
Given that Islam cannot accept a Jewish state, the Palestinians win peace talks by "not losing." While Israeli leaders seek peace, Palestinian leaders seek an endless peace process. Abbas simply needs to find a way to draw out the negotiations as long as possible, without ever coming to a final agreement....
[A]ny Muslim leader who would permanently hand over Muslim territory to non-Muslims – especially to Jews – would be subject to public humiliation and almost certain assassination. Far better to let Abbas suffer the consequences rather than they, and meanwhile absolve themselves from any shame or blame in the process.
Abbas's other out seems to have been embracing his mortal Palestinian enemy, Hamas. Abbas was doubtlessly aware that Hamas would also never consent to the conditions previously imposed on it by the Middle East Quartet: rejecting violence, recognizing Israel and accepting previous accords. Hamas could be counted on never to accept any treaty with Israel, as evidenced by the Hamas charter, which repeatedly calls not only for the destruction of Israel, but also of the Jews.
This rapprochement with Hamas, however, not only enables Abbas to continue receiving funds from the U.S. and Europe, but later to be able to blame Hamas for any subsequent failure of the talks. Abbas now does not have to choose between either possible death or certain dishonor in the eyes of his fellow Palestinians. Hamas therefore provides the perfect cover Abbas needs not to sign any permanent peace agreement that Kerry & Co. still seem so determined to deliver....'
Read the entire article here and see also here

Meanwhile, talking of financial aid, NGO Monitor has a detailed report here (hat tip: M.W.) titled "Australian Funding in the West Bank and Gaza" that reveals, to quote part of its own summary,
"Some Australian aid funding goes to political advocacy NGOs that are involved in BDS and for activities that are contrary to the peace process"
and which observes:
'Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said in 2014: “Under the Abbott Government aid spending will be tied to measurable outcomes. Rigorous benchmarks will be introduced to ensure integrity in the Australian aid program and to give Australian taxpayers greater confidence in its effectiveness.”
 In light of this statement, NGO Monitor recommends that the Australian government set more rigorous benchmarks in its indirect funding of NGOs in the West Bank and Gaza.
 Australia must more closely investigate operations and partnerships of intermediary organizations to ensure that taxpayer funds are used to further Australian national interests.
 .... NGO Monitor encourages Australia to end funding to organizations that demonize Israel and encourage BDS.'
Australia's tough new federal Budget, announced today by Treasurer Joe Hockey, entails cuts to foreign aid, as glimpsed in this synopsis:
'Foreign aid frozen at current levels for two years, helping save $7.6 billion over five year; International commitment to spend 0.5 per cent of gross national income on foreign aid abandoned; $400 million saved over four years by folding the former AusAID into the Foreign Affairs  Department'
 Let's hope that the activities identified by NGO Monitor are the first to feel the pinch.

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  1. Fake PLO-Hamas rapprochement has nothing to do with Israel, peace, Yesha or Jews. The PLO wants to forestall a violent takeover Hamas and Hamas wants a bigger slice of the economic pie that flows through the PLO. End of story.


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