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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Go Get 'Em, UKIP!

In Londonistan last week, the fruit of mass immigration
From Anshel Pfeffer, a columnist for Ha'aretz, the Israeli newspaper that inclines so far to the Left that it frequently acts as a propaganda sheet against the interests of its own country, comes a sanctimonious article condemning Anglo-Jews for not bad-mouthing Nigel Farage's United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), which is tipped to wipe the floor with other British parties in the European elections that begin today.

Writes Pfeffer, inter alia:
'[T]he United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) ... has been riding on a sinister wave of xenophobia and fearmongering over millions upon millions of rapacious Eastern European immigrants about to descend upon Britain, snapping up all the jobs.
Of course this wave hasn't engulfed all of British society, but it's large enough to ensure UKIP in most polls at least a quarter of the votes and most likely the first place, overtaking the established parties of power and opposition.
.... But as hard as I tried, I couldn't find anywhere else a response of any sort from a figure of authority in the British Jewish community to UKIP and its ugly scare campaign. Nothing from the Board of Deputies, its competition the Jewish Leadership Council, the Chief Rabbi or any other rabbi or lay-leader of any of the various religious denominations that comprise British Jewry.
Normally it wouldn't be the place of these worthies to weigh in on party-political issues.... But when a party that is basing its entire campaign on stoking fears against immigration seems on the verge of winning these elections there is complete and utterly shameful silence. 
.... [T]o remain silent in the face of a successful party whipping up ordinary Britons into a frenzy against immigrants is a betrayal of our immigrant ancestors and the values of British society that allowed them to settle and flourish in its midst....'
Perhaps Mr Pfeffer should consider what it is that UKIP opposes: the bureaucratic behemoth that is the burgeoning European Superstate, as totalitarian and unaccountable as the old USSR, that has been imposed on Briton by stealth, originationg as it did in a Common Market that seemed to many to make good sense as the economic arm of NATO, but which has become a tyrannical monster governing by decree and subjugating the Mother of Parliaments to its whim.

Membership of this odious institution undermined Britain's special relationship with the former Dominions (visitors from Australia and other Commonwealth countries, whose ancestors fought for Britain in Britain's wars, have to queue at docks and airports with other "aliens" awaiting immigration checks while citizens of former enemy states, cluching their EU passports, march right in).

It means that Britain has no effective control over its own Borders and  who crosses those Borders, and that legislation made by MPs can be subverted by decision-makers in Brussels and Strasbourg.

UKIP seeks Britain's withdrawal from the European Union precisely in order to claw back the country's sovereignty and restore some semblance of control over immigration policy.  The migration of Roma mendicants and pickpockets (yes, I know it's unpolitically correct to say that, but it's honest, and I feel entitled, having thwarted an attempt by two Roma boys to rob me in London in broad daylight) and of Islamists from other EU countries such as France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and obstacles to the removal of foreign miscreants and security threats on the grounds of their "human rights" will continue so long as Britain remains a vassal.

Anglo-Jewry is an integral part of Great Britain, with a long and proud history of belonging and of contributions to all spheres of British life that belie its small size.  Its members are entitled to vote for whoever they wish.  Despite Anshel Pfeffer, that includes UKIP.

Some decades ago an Aussie politician, Don Chipp, who founded a new party, famously said that it was to "keep the bastards [the other parties and their leaders] honest".

Today's Britain badly needs a politician and a party to "keep the bastards honest".  It appears to have found them in Farage and UKIP.  The other parties are running scared, and so they should.

Love him or hate him, Pat Condell is to-the-point and on-the-ball regarding the evils of EU membership here:

See also my next post.


  1. Nathan of Plaza22 May 2014 at 17:32

    Robert Halfon is one of the most pro-Israel MPs but he's Conservative and must have made the stupid "Nazi" remark about UKIP to help his party and that twat of twats the greaseball David Cameron

  2. Pfeffer can't be too worried about a gang of East European burglars specialising in break-ins at "rich" Jewish homes in London/Manchester, what does he say about thefts of metal from English railways and from church roofs and precious metals from crucifxes etc on altars that just "happen" to wind up in Rumania?

  3. It really was incredible the way the entire mainstream media and political class tried to demonize UKIP (curiously it was similar to what they do to Israel) and Pfeffer's article was so typical. In fact a lot of British Jews did get on the demonization bandwagon when they started regurgitating old stories of UKIP 'antisemitism' - I wrote about this highlighting the hypocrisy of ignoring far worse antisemeitism in the main stream parties - and got a lot of flack in return from the 'as a Jews':

  4. Great article by you, Edgar. Sorry I had not seen it before.

  5. The most frustrating thing about Haaretz is how many otherwise intelligent and well-informed Israelis are convinced that it is the quality newspaper for the most intelligent Israelis, way better than Yediot Aharonot the paper that has 5-10 times it's circulation. .


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