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Tuesday 18 February 2014

"An Hamas terrorist has more rights inside Israel than a Palestinian in Jordan": An Arab in exile slams the BDSers

Mudar Zahran is a writer and dissident of Palestinian background from Jordan who having fallen foul of the Hashemite regime was obliged to seek asylum in London, where he's lived since 2010.

Mr Zahran is described in this interesting article as
"a secular Jordanian pro-democracy activist of Palestinian heritage that supports peace with Israel and often refers to the Faisal Wiesel Agreement by which Arabs were to turn 78 percent of historic Palestine—-today’s Jordan—into their homeland. He claims that he is well-heard and followed in Jordan, noting many incidents, for example when he called for them not to protest against the Israeli Embassy in Amman, and as he notes, the Washington Post reported less than 200 people showed up for the Jordanian government-backed anti-Israel protest."
In an interview with Canadian broadcaster Jamie Glazov  (managing editor of FrontPageMagazine), the admirable Mr Zahran has been talking a great deal of sense not only about the Kerry Peace Plan (it would, he fears, mean Israel's erasure from the map), but about the status of Palestinians in Jordan compared with their far better status in Israel, and the antisemitic nature of the Israel-is-an-apartheid-state slur.

He labels "a huge disgrace" the fact that western Israel-haters portray Israel as an apartheid state and seek to boycott it, yet (in that characteristically hypocritical way of theirs) are silent regarding the treatment of Palestinians in Jordan:
"An Hamas terrorist has more rights inside Israel than a Palestinian in Jordan"
He asks rhetorically why the BDSers do not target Islamic universities which deny education to women, and adds that antisemitism drives the western anti-Israel movement.

Denouncing both Hamas and the Palestinian authority, he notes that his relatives in Jerusalem like living under "Israeli prosperity".

There are several videos on YouTube featuring Mr Zahran ("a very brave man, a truth teller", as Jamie Glazov describes him.

See the interview that I've briefly described here

 (Hat tip: Vlad Tepes blog)

On the apartheid smear, great article here

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