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Monday 24 February 2014

"Boycott Batsheva!": Anti-Israel fanatics in Kiwiland spew their bile (video)

The Batsheva Dance Company has been visiting New Zealand (see this nice review).

The video below shows a bunch of contemptible fanatics outside the theatre  in Wellington, screaming "Boycott Batsheva!" and other spiteful slogans in the Israel delegitimisers' lexicon.

Hear them talk of the audience's "genocide money" and watch them taunt a dignified group of pro-Israel demonstrators with claims that that the Israeli flags the latter wave are "bloodstained" and that Israel will soon be consigned to the "dustbin of history".

There's little doubt that these sickening fanatics, with their spiteful slogans and support of the so-called "right of return", are lusting for the demise of the Israeli State.


  1. What an exceedingly unpleasant group of people.

    If I had to list the things I find the most disagreeable personality traits in other people, say, sanctimonious, ignorant, spiteful, bigoted, self- important, puffed up provincial ... I could go on ...

    Hat's off to the Israel supporters

    The perfect response

    1. Yes, Geoff, what a contrast between the two groups.

  2. Please go to the video and give it a 'thumbs down'

    For those who don't know how to do that, if you click the title it will take you to Youtube.

  3. Hahaha the Israeli side is really packed, the haters a bout third that number. No wonder the anti-Israel bigots needed a megaphone to be heard.

  4. A crazy post by anti-Israel activist Julie Webb-Pullman aka Huda Julie Webb-Pullman describing the pro-Israel crowd as the rude aggressors!!!:

    'Waving placards with personal jibes at one of the anti-Zionist protestors, yelling personal abuse at the picketers, and merely screaming “lies” without providing any supporting evidence, this pro-Israel frontline showed none of the usual slick hasbara, but instead publicly displayed an appalling lack of personal respect and diplomacy, as well as a paucity of any arguments in Israel’s defence – quite possibly because there are none. Israel must surely be desperate to resort to such ‘supporters.’

    As the anti-Zionist protesters said loud and clear, in a message which obviously rang true for many of the audience, “For the same reasons New Zealanders called for the end to rugby links with apartheid South Africa, we are calling for the cutting of ties with apartheid Israel.”

    They also had a message for those who make the spurious claim that dance has no place in politics. Quoting University of Auckland Dance Studies Associate Professor Nicholas Rowe:

    “If Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company would have the courage to refuse to offer their bodies up to the Israeli Defense Forces for annual military service, if they would have the courage to publicly condemn the illegal military occupation of the West Bank and the ongoing theft of land and property by the government that pays them to tour in the name of Israel, if they would have the courage to publicly state that they do not judge people by their religion or ethnicity and so would welcome the return of non-Jewish refugees back to their homes inside what is now Israel, then they would be touring to New Zealand as dance artists, and not just as political puppets.”

    Israel, by its own efforts, has booked its ticket in history alongside the South African apartheid regime. A Rent-a-Crowd of slogan-shouters hurling personal abuse is not going to save it from admission to a similar fateful performance.'
    (btw, the Arabic name Huda means "right guidance"!)


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