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Wednesday 29 May 2013

"They Would Prefer To Betray Their Country Than Be Labelled Racist": Paul Weston On Britain's "Treacherous Politicians" & A Media In "Denial"

Here's the courageously candid, urbane head of Liberty GB, talking complete sense, in the wake of the vile murder of Drummer Rigby, about the inexorable war wrought by Third World mass immigration, multiculturalism, and demographic change, on the traditional culture of Britain.   Note his strictures regarding the left-liberal double standards governing the status of indigenous people, and what he considers the "genocide" of the English people.  As he says, our children and grandchildren will one day ask how we allowed this "ripping out" of our country and our culture to happen:

In this latest video (hat tip: reader Shirlee) Pat Condell rails against Muslims who fail to equivocally disavow Jihadism.  He also criticises the double standards shown by the British police, and in some respects it's hard not to agree with him: for example, see here 

Still, for all Condell's bluster, I think this recent article by Melanie Phillips is hard to top.

Update: Edgar Davidson's always incisive blog summarises the ostrich-like reaction to the Woolwich outrage: see here

And see this re the BBC's woeful stance.


  1. Hello DAPHNE

    it's been awhile, hope all is well there

    don't know if you've seen this article
    just wanted to share with you

  2. that was quick !
    at the speed of light :)

    have a sunny day

    Shalom From Israel

    1. Actually, it's been bucketing down with rain here, Jean!

  3. Melanie Phillips article is good, but she makes the mistake of misunderstanding the nature of reformation. This is not the first time she has made it. It is wishful thinking - see my article 'Do we need an Islamic Reformation' on or search Daphne's archive for May as she kindly cross-posted it.

    1. I acquired a scary recent paperback at a sale of Jewish books on the weekend - "Al-Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity & The Jews," by Elias Al-Maqdisi and Sam Solomon.
      Don't make it bedtime reading!
      The sale was at a library - I only hope it's not their sole copy!

  4. The reaction of our politicians and the main stream media in the UK to the Woolwich terror attack has been sickening. Especially vile has been the almost obsessive determination to cast Muslims as the 'real' victims and to focus their fury on the threat from whom it calls 'right wing fanatics' (such as the 85-year-old woman arrested for shouting outside a mosque) and in particular the EDL. Two articles in today's Sun perfectly summarise this reaction:


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