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Saturday, 4 May 2013

"Antisemitism Is Antisemitism, Whatever The Tone In Which It Is Expressed"

".... Whatever you say, and I don't want to hear what you have to say because it will be the same old rhetoric, we in the UK have had enough of Israel, we (the NUJ [National Union of Journalists] of which I am a member) have finally voted to boycott Israeli goods (I have been doing this since 1957 so it just legitimises it and spreads the word, all items with 7.29 in the bar code, Jaffa Carmel, etc) - universities will bring in an academic boycott and architects are now joining in too. It won't stop there, we will do all in our power to make sure that you do not take any more land (you have already taken mine and refuse to pay for it). We can no longer send money to the PLO or Hamas, but we are sending people, we are not afraid of your wall, your evil soldiers (and you worry about one missing soldier, ha!) and will continue. We used to be mild, respected you because of the so called holocaust (a nice round number 6 million, what about the homosexuals, gypsies, deformed, dissenters, they NEVER get a mention and my family were among them)
So yes, we are very angry, we are working against Israel whereas before we supported you, and we will do all in our collective power to make life as uncomfortable for you as you make it for the Palestinians, shame on you, shame on all jews, may your lives be cursedYours with no shame whatsoever and no fear"
That missive was written back in 2007 by the woman who, more recently, posted the following beneath a YouTube video:

Wrote the missive's receipient, Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard, at the time, in an article headed "The real antisemitism underlying the boycotters": 
'Those arguing for a boycott seek to present themselves as opponents of Israeli government policy rather than antisemites.... But it is - and I'll put it no stronger than this - quite remarkable how many of those who call for a boycott, on whatever grounds, turn out to be plain old antisemites.
Ms Hardyment’s sentiments are representative of the underlying views of many boycott supporters. The references to the “Nazi like killing machinea¦ backed by the world's richest jews and America”, the “so called holocaust (a nice round number 6 milliona¦)” and “shame on all jews, may your lives be cursed”, may be more obvious than some of the more sly proponents of a boycott, who are careful to couch their arguments in apparently reasonable language; but antisemitism is antisemitism, whatever the tone in which it is expressed.'
In recent days there have been more stark reminders of the antisemitism, overt and not so overt,  that underpins the BDS Movement, making, as Pollard also observed, "the 'useful idiots' of the antisemites" out of those who have yet to be infected with the world's longest hatred themselves.

Take the "damp squib" of a protest last Tuesday against the imminent opening of a Max Brenner outlet on the campus of the University of New South Wales.  Speakers at the well-advertised rally (which despite almost 200 acceptances on Facebook saw a fraction of that number actually turn up, to be outnumbered by reporters and onlookers: great illustrated write-up (h/t Shirlee) here) might have been careful to eschew any hint of antisemitism in their addresses to their followers, but in the lead-up to the rally commenters on Facebook were not so scrupulous:
'The Facebook page RALLY! Say no to Max Brenner at UNSW was set up by SJP [the so-called Students for Justice in Palestine] via the Boycott Max Brenner at UNSW Facebook group. It has hosted dozens of comments that cover the gamut of anti-Jewish stereotypes, claiming that Jews are cursed by God, are money-hungry, control the media, and are dirty and evil.
Other posts deny the Holocaust and simultaneously, with textbook cognitive dissonance, blame the Holocaust on the Jews.
The racist postings include a reference to “evil greedy money-loving nature of Jews”, and the claim that “Only news (that) Jews are happy with goes through via media”. Another post reverts to classical religious bigotry: “Of course I have a problem with Jews. You are not the cursed people and were not Banished from the holy land for nothing lol.” Non-Jews who defend Jews come in for opprobrium with the comment: “Tip rats = Jew lovers.”
An especially vicious post rails against “the dirtiest most evil people on earth using the holocaust to their advantage as leverage to establish the state of israel. it was all planned.”
The UNSW Student Representative Council Ethnic Affairs Officer, Charlotte Lewis, was so shocked she posted: “Reading over these comments has left me gobsmacked at the outrageous anti-Semitic slanders mentioned on this event. If I see one more antisemitic comment, I’m taking this to the University.”
In a later post, Lewis stated: “I am the Ethno-Cultural Officer, meaning I need to look out for any hate speech towards any ethnic group. I have witnessed many accusations that the Holocaust didn’t exist, and that Jews are money-hungry pigs. Due to this, several Jewish students actually feel unsafe to step foot into the University, meaning I actually DO need to solve this problem.”
Lewis informed the page owners that the UNSW Chancellery had been made aware of the page, and its anti-Jewish content, but the university administration appears not to have taken action.
The present National Anti Racism campaign slogan, “Racism, it stops with me”, seems to have fallen on deaf ears among the administrators at UNSW, which has one of the most culturally diverse campuses in Australia.
It has been left to other UNSW students who share Lewis’s disgust to establish their own Facebook page Defend Max Brenner at UNSW, featuring screenshots of the anti-Jewish posts on the RALLY page to highlight the racism it has spawned. These students posted their own comments on the RALLY page, protesting its anti-Semitism and demanding an end to the anti-Jewish vitriol. For the most part, their demands went unheeded. Some anti-Jewish posts were deleted, but were replaced by others.
SJP has yet to ask itself why it provides a sympathetic home for naked Jew-hatred. SJP organisers wax indignant at the merest suggestion they are complicit in fomenting anti-Semitism. Instead, they accuse anyone who points out the raw racism they attract of trying to “censor” them with the intimidating charge of anti-Semitism. It is difficult but necessary for them to understand their own role in attracting and hosting content which expresses racism against Jews. It is easy, but false, simply to assume any claimed offence is merely feigned for political or other advantage.' (Read more here)
Brenner UNSW
Photo by Joshua Levi (Australian Jewish News)
And as this photo accompanying this Australian Jewish News report by Josh Levi shows, one of the "useful idiots" in question was a manipulated child.

And we see more antisemitism, nakedly expressed, beneath a report here that Press TV's correspondent in Australia, Edwina Storie, is suing Aussie blogger Andrew Landeryou.

Some choice delicacies from the comments section:

May 2, 2013 9:57 AM
This story brings tears to my eyes! I am of no denomination nor any belief or disbelief. I am not a Muslim, nor a Christian, nor anything. I am none of the above. The bucket I fall in is not in the list. ...and I know I will remain in that position. What a beautiful human being you are Edwina! Utmost respect from a male who unmistakably sees and recognizes a genuine female being. I too, do my part in this fight against this ZIONIST JEW SCOURGE. Honor and truth will prevail in the end... theses parasites are doomed. I will be standing next to you when victory relieves us all. Timelessness is ours, oblivion is theirs!
A low life zionist
May 2, 2013 9:30 AM
You know Edwina we zionist vultures are low life people ,we control western media ,we brainwash people to cry for jews and you know jews don't consider goyim people as human being! ,and we have low life people who work for JIDF and they infesting internet with their stupid lies and propaganda ,Be strong Edwina we are vulture zionists!
May 2, 2013 8:31 AM
Hey sis this is nothing TV reporters have 2 get use 2 this type of attack when they reveal the truth.if this guy is an Australian I dnt blame him.he must b a decendent of a murderer or rapist or child molester that we're shipped from Europe.this is history.u go for it.

May 2, 2013 5:46 AM
That's the way Zionist Jew scums work,,, First they try to bribe you if it doesn't work they try to defame you and if that doesn't work they kill you. They are the Cancer of Planet Earth.
May 1, 2013 11:13 PM
These Zionazi Jews only go after defenceless women and children! They have never won a real war with real men(Hezbollah and Hamas)! They are very good at brainwashing, lying,stealing nothing else. Edwina, I read their news on how you would be "stoned to death" if you were in Iran..Please take a mini vacation and visit IRI. We Muslims love and respect you for your bravery, courage and standing up against these Nazis... against the enemy of humanity.
May 1, 2013 8:43 PM
Edwina Storie, you are most welcome to revert to Islam.


  1. The story in regards to Vex News and Andrew Landeryou isn't as it appears to be

    UNSW has now issues a statement against Students for Justice in Palestine, but has fallen short of taking action

  2. Hardyment is well known to us as a rabid antisemite.
    Here's another of her PSC chums engaging with Richard Millett and Jonathan Hoffman


    Jane Green – Holocaust Denier


    Hoffman: You’re a Holocaust denier.
    Me: You said there were no showers.
    Green: Fuck off, fuck off.
    Hoffman: Did you say there were no showers, did you say there were no gas chambers?
    Me: How did the Jews die, how did the Jews die in the Holocaust?
    Hoffman: How did the Jews die in the Holocaust, Madam?
    Green: They had their foreskins chopped off.
    Hoffman: And were there any gas chambers, Madam?
    Green: I don’t know, I wasn’t there, darling.
    Hoffman: What about the historical evidence?
    Me: You said there were showers beforehand.
    Green: They had showers there, too.
    Me: And how did the Jews die in the Holocaust?
    Green: I have no idea, I wasn’t there.
    Me and Hoffman: How many Jews died in the Holocaust?
    Me: How many Jews died in the Holocaust?
    Green: I think a few hundred thousand did.
    Me and Hoffman: But not six million?
    Green: I didn’t count them, no.
    Me: And do you care?
    Hoffman: Was there a Holocaust?
    Green: I have Jews in my family, and I’ve fucked enough Jews to tell you about circumsized.
    Hoffman: Did the Holocaust exist?
    Me: What’s your name, Madam?
    Green: Course the Holocaust existed, I’ve seen the fucking photos. My name, Jane Green. Nice Jewish name.
    Me and Hoffman: How many Jews died in the Holocaust, Jane Green?
    Green: Six million and one.
    Me: You said a hundred thousand before.
    Green: Six million and one if it makes you happy.
    Hoffman: Were there any gas chambers in the Holocaust?
    Green: I don’t know, I wasn’t there.
    Hoffman: But before you said there weren’t any, so say that again.
    Green: I didn’t say that.
    Hoffman: Say there were no gas chambers.
    Green: Stop harassing me.
    Hoffman: Say there were no gas chambers in the Holocaust again.
    Green: I’ve no idea, I wasn’t there.
    Me: Do you deny the Holocaust?
    Hoffman: Do you deny the Holocaust, Madam?
    Unknown woman: Course I don’t deny the Holocaust.
    Green: Nobody does. No one of any intelligence denies the Holocaust.
    Unknown woman: I do not deny the Holocaust.
    Green: But you’re using it to fucking kill the Palestinians. You are using it.
    Hoffman: Sorry, nobody is using it.
    Green: You are using it to commit genocide against another people, yes you are.
    Hoffman: You know that calling it a Holocaust (against the Palestinians) is anti-Semitic?
    Green: I don’t call it a Holocaust, the Jews call it a Holocaust. It’s meaningless to me. The Jews call it a Holocaust. A Holocaust is a general term for a conflagration. Look in your dictionary.
    Hoffman: Do you know comparing Israel’s policy to Nazi policy is anti-Semitic? Do you know that, Jane?
    Green: No.
    Hoffman: You don’t know that?
    Green: I see them as Nazis. I see the Jews in Israel as total Nazis.
    Hoffman: You know that’s an anti-Semitic remark, Jane?
    Green: I don’t give a fuck.
    Hoffman: Jane Green, right?
    Green: Jane Green.
    Hoffman: Jane Green.
    Green: Nice Jewish name.

    PSC response:

    Statement Following Public Meeting In Hammersmith On 6 October 2011

    We unequivocally condemn the views recorded by Richard Millett of a person on the public pavement in Hammersmith on 6 October 2011. Even though the recording suggests that the person appeared to have been harangued by the interviewers, the sentiments expressed have no place in the campaign for Palestinian rights and justice. Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has a very clear policy opposing all forms of racism, including Islamophobia and anti-Jewish prejudice. Moreover, PSC has issued a further statement opposing attempts to deny or minimise the Holocaust.

    The PSC is riddled with such types . They use the cover of so called anti Zionism in order to celebrate and practice their primary cause .


    1. Thanks, Harvey - at least she's honest about her Jew-hatred, unlike others we could name.

  3. When encountering such rabid, unregenerate antisemites, don't you ever get the feeling that sometimes, the only answer is a fist in the jaw? I know, I know, it's stepping down to their level. (Slap on the wrist, Shimona, bad girl.) Still - sometimes I'm just itching...


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