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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Sunday 5 May 2013

"If Zionism, In All Its forms, Is So Powerful ...Why Is Israel So Small?": The Almond Rod Chastises Sizer

(Still re-establishing myself in Australia, I'm not able to resume posting on a proper and regular basis until I move into a permanent abode with internet access, which will almost certainly be in the coming  week.)

As someone with an interest in Jewish-Christian relations I note that Ian G's latest post, over at his new blog TheAlmondRod, takes issue with the likes of Ian's fellow Anglican Stephen Sizer.  It concludes:
"If Zionism, in all its forms, is so powerful ...why did the Holocaust happen; why is Israel so small; why does Israel surrender land for peace...etc. etc.?
Ah, yes. That singularly unsuccessful Zionist plot to rule the world which is simultaneously rich, powerful, secret, diabolical... yawn. Where does this strange idea come from? Its a Big Lie. Goebbels practised it. Paul predicted it .
Actually, the lie is a distortion of promises in the Tenach and in the New Testament. It's the argument over the nature of that distortion and how to interpret scripture that separates me, and others, from Sizer and his ilk.
The day when Israel will be pre-eminent among the nations only comes with the (return of) the Messiah. This will not be brought about by precipitating Armageddon (more about that some other time). It's the rage against God that leads to a rage against real Christianity and against the Jew (again more later).
It's God's fault. He chose someone. It could have a Briton. If it had we would be fighting the French and others for a piece of  the British Isles. It would have been the same story with British names. Josh Davidson would have been born in the North of England and executed in London. And so on.
The Messiah had to be somewhere. Which brings me at last to that saner form of madness which is the Goon Show and the famous Eccles. 
Eccles, when trapped in a coal cellar and questioned on what he was doing there, replies "Everybody's got to be somewhere".
And therein is the problem. The Jews, and others, are allowed to be somewhere, just as long as it is somewhere else."
And for anyone who has not yet discovered it, here is a video recommended by reader Shirlee:


  1. Thanks for the cross-post, Daphne. I hope you've found a good place.

    Every Blessing.

  2. I have just watched the video. It is brilliant. I'm cross-posting on this at The Almond Rod. It's how the Lie works. It reverses the Truth. This video needs to be everywhere.

  3. A conveniently located one, Ian!
    Glad you like the video. I haven't watched it yet as this institutional computer doesn't have the correct Adobe set-up...

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  6. Very clever

  7. I must be half-asleep these days. 'The Almond Rod chastises...'. Nice one. ;-)

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