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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Wednesday 4 July 2012

"The Palestinians ... Want All Of Palestine, As They Traditionally Have Wanted It": Benny Morris (video)

In this interview with David Frost, Israeli historian Benny Morris cites "the Arab mindset" that "Israel is illegitimate and shouldn't exist" as the major obstacle to peace.  He thinks peace will not be forthcoming in his lifetime.

 (Hat tip: uploader AustralianNeoCons)


  1. At least one person who faces reality!

  2. I am more fascinated with David Frost than with Benny Morris in this interview. The old, Israel hating reprobate landed on al Jazeera in 2006 like so many cast off, aging Brit media washups and has been doing his Qatari masters bidding ever since. It is, however, a bit revealing that Morris gets an interview with him when he has been declared a "non person" by the world's left-liberal media. Perhaps al Jazeera and Frost are still laboring under the delusion that Morris continues to be a shining star of the "new historians?"

    1. Frost doesn't get my back up as does, for example, the pompous and arrogant Jon Snow. At least Frost is prepared to listen, and is polite. He sometimes interviews Mark Regev, and always gives him a fair hearing.

  3. The al Thani family of Qatar represents the most dangerous avenue of Western infiltration and this interview is a perfect example. Since 2002, al Jazeera has been buying up Brit washed up Israel haters like David Frost. Frost and his Doha producers are obviously still laboring under the illusion that Benny Morris is still among the ranks of the New Historians. In his dotage, Frost is about 5 years out of touch.

  4. Benny Morris has got it exactly right. The arabs just don't want peace which includes the existence of the Jewish state of Israel. That is the main and the only real obstacle to peace in the middle east.


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