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Friday 13 July 2012

Breaking News: Methodist Ministers React To Pro-Israel Jewish Criticism

Remember how I drew attention, a couple of posts ago, to a duo of blogging Methodist ministers' extraordinary joint denunciation of their pro-Israel Jewish critics? A denunciation that remains inexplicable?

Well, the ministers have now reacted to the pearls of wisdom I cast:

Another Methodist minister, who has a blog of his own, adds:

The above testimony to Christian charity, concern for Jewish-Christian relations, sensitivity towards the mainstream Jewish position regarding Israel, and (vide my post) compassion for Christians suffering the most heinous Islamic persecution abroad, is taken from here


  1. A great Jpost editorial about PCUSA but it’s applicable here.
    Protestants’ crisis
    “The same amorphous theology that has blurred the boundaries between mainline Protestantism and left-wing secularism has also led to a steady decline in membership.”

    1. You're an amazing resource, as I've said before, Ian.
      Yes, it's true that the Methodist Church's membership is dwindling, the church having been hijacked by lefties with axes to grind. I pointed this out in an early post, around the time the Methodist boycott nonsense started.

    2. 2 great blogs for keeping on top of the news
      Camera has post about how Peter Beinart’s book was used by a PCUSA activist to push boycotts.

      Something funny I noticed today. Israel is more like Australia than you probably realise. In both countries cricket matches will only be halted by bushfires, if the field starts to burn.

      Australia: Out in a blaze of glory: a bushfire fails to stop cricketers at Abernethy in 2003.

      Israel: Smoke blows toward the pitch at Lod, shortly before play was suspended on Friday. 2012
      From: Flames interrupt already hot Israeli cricket

  2. What a couple of ignorant twerps this "duo of blogging Methodist ministers" are.

    Shame they didn't bother to read the comments posted at the end of the blog piece.

    I wonder which seminary/theological college/divinity school they studied at. All I can say is that the Methodist Church must be desperate to find people to become priests, if this is what they turn out ! After all it doesn't take too much grey matter to study to enter the priesthood. The mark required is quite low.

    I’d also be interested to know if they have read your bio Daphne. You have more degrees to your credit, than they most likely have between the two of them.

    Do you think they would be interested in reading the truth if I posted it? I doubt it

    A week or so back I was called a liar on a pro-Palestinian blog, when I was telling people there is no apartheid in Israel. These two most likely would do the same

    I posted

    1. The Israeli Ambassador to Iceland is an Arab
    2. There are 16 Arabs in the Knesset (The Israeli Parliament)
    3. The Chief Justice or Judge of the High Court is an Arab
    4. In March at Tel Aviv University, there were was an abundance of Arab females wearing hijabs
    5. I sat and talked for about 15 minutes in a taxi with an Arab driver.
    6. I sat opposite 2 Arab women in Tel Aviv McDonald's

    There was more. These people enjoy living in their ignorance

    1. Aw shucks, thanks, Shirlee, but I feel these two gentlemen are incorrigible. They certainly are not short in the grey matter department. Unfortunately, though, they appear exemplify the leftist mindset that has overtaken swathes of the Protestant churches in the English-speaking world. The World Council of Churches has been gunning for Israel for decades, and we care seeing the evidence of inroads made.

  3. At least, while they read this blog, they will not hurt little children or little animals, and they might actually learn something. (Although that's perhaps a tad optimistic).

    I did post the following on their "blog" in answer to a pretty anti-semitic thread:

    "The report at the base of this thread has definitely a whiff of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion about it. Isn’t it time to stop the demonisation of the Jewish people?
    Golda Meir put it in a nutshell: “There will only be peace when they love their children more than they hate us”. That time has obviously not arrived yet.
    And guess who is the only country in the Middle East that gives protection to the Christians that are hunted down and killed by Muslims?
    And no, I am not Jewish.

    And you will not get a prize if you guessed that they did, of course, not publish it, that was too predictable. Truth doesn't seem to be on the Methodist agenda, if these two little Jew-Haters represent that church.

  4. I think it time to take on the Christian Antizionists. It's reached a tipping point. I've just put up a post on the very subject.

    Thanks Daphne for that post which I have linked. I'm going to put up some slabs of it at the bar and grill.

    I think these British clerics might warrant a visit.

  5. I for one would be fine if all the Christians in the Maghrab, Mideast and Mizrahi where ethnically cleansed while their better moral angels in the Church of England and major US Protestant sects all cheered. With the exception of Tunisia, Morocco and Iran there AREN'T any Jews there anymore. So they can't hurt us anymore. If American and British Protestants want to spend all day screaming that Jews are the ones persecuting the Copts, Samaritans, Maronites and such, who cares.

    1. Why? They're going to scream it anyway, no matter what. I was reading about Ben Zion Wacholder the Dead Sea Scrolls scholar. He mentioned in passing that when he was a child in Poland, the Polish parliament passed a law outlawing kosher meat in 1938 more than a year before the war and that after the German occupation the Poles were only all to happy to let the Germans solve their "Jewish Question" for them. The Polish Catholic Church openly stood at the Vanguard of the Holocaust and now they're the people who pout and complain when anyone dare mention that THEY were the true victims in the Holocaust. No; I say let the Protestants and such sort it out on their own. Let the 'activist' churches in the US deal with whatever happens to Christians in Arab lands. Maybe they'll do something maybe, more likely, they won't. And that's fine too because that's what I fully expect them to do. Not only as Protestants but as western liberal 'activists' too. Why should Egypt or Bethlehem be any different than Predominately Christian South Sudan? I didn't hear any ecumenical pieties about loving your brother as yourself when North Sudanese Arab Muslims were butchering them. Somehow PCUSA and the Quakers and Rowan Williams couldn't rouse themselves to the level of criticizing anyone then. And if that's good enough a standard for them, it's a good enough standard for me.

  6. "Such a long post devoted to little us" suggests he can't see that what was raised by Daphne, the church's blindness to Muslim atrocities, is a problem bigger than him and his friend. I'm so fed up and ashamed of Christians like these ones.

  7. These little lads aren't man enough for you Daphne.

    1. That puts a new slant on the fact one of them "started" to grow a beard, Alan!

  8. Trying to engage British Methodists on human rights.

    They are unmanly. But then again we are all "orcs" so we are in no position to complain.

    1. Is that a hybrid of an oik and an ocker, I wonder.
      Note the derisory reference to Melanie Phillips.

  9. Ah well

    I did try again. Sincerely. In the meantime here's an uplifting video (top post) I thought you and some of your readers may well appreciate

  10. I don't know about unmanly but it's certainly unorcly to bear a grudge.

    1. Whatever happened to that Christian virtue of turning the other cheek?!

  11. I have replied to the Methodists on their site

    Anyone care to join me?

    1. Adam, I saw your comments last evening and was most appreciative of them. Kim made a fatuous response, and Richard's leaves much to be desired.

    2. And congratulations on your tenacity, Adam. You make superb points, and cannot be accused of incivility!

    3. Thanks Daphne - it's still ongoing - although several of my posts have been censored.


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