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Wednesday 25 July 2012

BDS? Humbug! In Australia, Life Gets Sweeter For Max Brenner

"Max Brenner, we can't hurt you. though we make hate into a virtue!"

No, of course the Australian Israel-bashing ferals who habitually target the Max Brenner outlets in Australia screaming their hateful slogans and blood libels against the chocolatier don't chant that.

But perhaps they might as well do.

For even as they celebrate the exoneration of demonstrators who were arrested in Melbourne last year,  their target Max Brenner, which has twenty-eight outlets in eastern Australia, has announced partnerships with a number of leading hotels. 

Says Yael Kaminski, general manager of Max Brenner Australia:
"As a brand, we’re very excited to be venturing into the area of brand partnerships. For us, we feel this is a critical next step in evolving our brand and spreading our unique chocolate culture across a variety of consumer audiences."

Nevertheless, a dangerous precedent has possibly been set with the court decision.  Read more here
Also here
(Hat tip: reader Shirlee)



    Baillieu seeks to toughen protest laws

    by: Pia Akerman and John Ferguson
    From: The Australian
    July 25, 201212:00AM

    Anti-Israel activist Vashti Kenway has had a trespass charge dismissed by a magistrate and said about 200 people were planning a 'celebratory' protest on Friday.

    THE Victorian government will investigate whether tougher legislation is needed to prevent political protests closing down businesses, after a magistrate found in favour of anti-Israeli demonstrators targeting the Max Brenner chocolate shop chain.

    Premier Ted Baillieu yesterday led a condemnation of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign, as the activists plan to celebrate their court victory with another protest outside the Melbourne shop on Friday.

    "The BDS group in my opinion is better titled as bigoted, dangerous and shameful," Mr Baillieu said. "They have sought to close down businesses just because they are associated with the state of Israel."

    Magistrate Simon Garnett dismissed trespass charges against 16 BDS protesters on Monday, finding they had a lawful right to be in the public space outside the store, and their demonstration in July last year was also lawful and did not present a threat to public order. Mr Garnett refused to dismiss charges of assaulting, hindering and resisting police against five of the protesters, with guilty verdicts entered against some yesterday.

    Mr Baillieu said he had asked Attorney-General Robert Clark to work with police to determine what action needed to be taken, refusing to rule out legislative changes to prevent a repeat of Mr Garnett's decision on the trespass charges.

    "I remain very concerned when there's any protest that seeks to close down a business," Mr Baillieu said. "Certainly I believe from what I've seen (is) that (with) this particular protest that was their intention."

    Chief commissioner Ken Lay said Victoria Police would also seek advice on whether to appeal against the decision, request legislative change or alter their tactics when dealing with protests, but dismissed the protesters' claims it was a landmark decision.

    "I'm not seeing a decision that changes forever the way we police these particular demonstrations," Mr Lay told the ABC. "If we see businesses put at risk, if we see people's safety put at risk, we're obliged to take action."

    He said preliminary advice indicated police might have undermined their case by creating a human barrier to stop the protesters entering the shop, a view echoed by the Law Institute of Victoria.

    BDS campaigner Vashti Kenway, who was among the group arrested for trespass, said organisers were preparing for a celebratory protest with "a few hundred" demonstrators at the same location. "I think it would be an outrage if they tried to enact some legislative change against our right to express our political opinions in public space," she said. "The magistrate's decision was a good one and one that was a blow in the direction of freedom of speech and civil liberties."

  2. Nice 1 another BDS Fail

    Also Honest Reporting The Age states "Israeli Apartheid" as fact.

    Andrew Bolt
    Would you pass through this mob for a cup of coffee?


  4. I am personally going to boycott Max Brenner until he delivers KOSHER chocolate for Jewish holidays here in the States. I was really annoyed to walk into his store last Pesach ready to heap tons of money his way for some chocolate matzah. Did he have any? NO. He had EASTER chocolate only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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