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Sunday 22 July 2012

An Informative Document

Earlier this past week BBC Radio One presented a programme entitled "Great British Islam":
"As Ramadan approaches, this documentary tells the story of three English gentlemen who embraced Islam at a time when to be a Muslim was to be seen to be a traitor to your country."
"A traitor to your country?"  Really?  Or rather, like Lord George Gordon, the famous eighteenth-century convert to Judaism, a great British eccentric?
Googling the topic of notable British converts to Islam, I came across a contemporary barrister who as the website of his chambers shows has written a number of  informative papers such as this one.

I also came across this

And then I saw this ... Oy!


  1. Please avoid intemperate or defamatory comments - thanks!

  2. Nothing intemperate but Britain has 7-10 years at most before some form of sharia is universally the law of the land. It may very well be only a kind of liberal friendly progressively coopted kind of sharia where women had to be veiled but oh what wonderful veils they will be or perhaps Islam will be the state religion with of course lip service to 'tolerating' the CoE or perish the thought, Jews, Hindus, pagans and heathens and such, as long some politically digestible form of the jizya is paid. But in any case, 7-10 years the Union Jack comes down and the Crescent of Islam goes up. I actually don't care but I do hope that the government at least has the sense that the Botha government in South Africa did to de-nuclearize before an entirely unfit radical crop of zealots comes to power. I hope the Jews with the sense to leave, do. The rest, well there's nothing we can do about that.

    1. Those old Marks & Spencer headsquares may yet prove handy, then!

  3. Joe in Australia22 July 2012 at 14:12

    Apropos of nothing, I recall a joke I once read.

    A man is passing by an asylum for the violently insane when he's accosted by one of the inmates. The inmate explains that he is actually perfectly sane,, but he was falsely committed by his greedy relatives who wanted to get their hands on his fortune. All he needs is for someone to contact his lawyer in order to start the proceedings for his release.

    The passerby is impressed by the inmates' elegant clothes and pleasant manner and he writes down the poor man's details and promises to contact his lawyer. He then turns to go and he has only taken a few steps when he feels a massive blow to the back of his head. He staggers to his feet and turns to see what happened and he sees the inmate ready to throw another stone and shouting "Don't forget!"

    I think the point is that some people just can't help their nature coming through.

  4. He shouted Allahu Akbar before grabbing at the torch

    1. Sorry, perhaps not so allegedly:

    2. It's much clearer in this video

    3. Update
      Prime Minister’s Office to BBC: We insist you call Jerusalem Israel’s capital

  5. Meanwhile, there's more odious propaganda by the BBC - I had a blog in the pipeline about this but have been well and truly preempted!

  6. That doco is on YT

    Great British Islam

  7. Jean, I thought I'd better delete your comment re the photos as you may not want it in the public domain. I was unable to locate them, in any case - having slight computer problems today.


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