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Tuesday 5 June 2012

European Jewish Congress Calls On European Muslim Leaders To Counter Antisemitic Attacks

Different times, different culprits
Back in March, in a post illustrated with a photo of damage to one of over 30 Jewish graves desecrated in Nice, the French blogger Deborah Coen, having noted the attacks on Jews in France that had occurred in the immediate aftermath of the Toulouse tragedy, suggested that aliya might be the safest option for French Jewry:
"Si la police fait de son mieux pour combattre ce phénomène, les Juifs de France n’ont plus qu’une seule question à se poser : vaut-il mieux risquer sa vie en France ou partir vivre des jours assurément meilleurs sous le soleil de Jérusalem ?"
Now, it's reported that antisemitic attacks in France have soared still further.

A video relating to a vicious attack on three Jewish teenagers in Lyon on Sunday was here but is "currently unavailable"
However, it can be seen on CiF Watch 

We're told:
'Israel expressed its “profound concern” on Monday following last Saturday's anti-Semitic attack against three youths in Villeurbanne, in southeastern France, stressing it was confident the French authorities would shed light on the facts, according to a statement from its ambassador to Paris.The Israeli ambassador to Paris expresses his profound concern in the face of Saturday’s attack on three Jews in Villeurbanne. These three people wore a kippa (Jewish skullcap) on their heads. It would seem that such violent attacks on French citizens of Jewish origin are brought about solely because of their ethnicity,” read a statement from his office.
The three Jewish victims were attacked on Saturday night in Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon, by about ten individuals who struck them with hammers and iron bars.
The police confirmed that all three were briefly hospitalised. One of the victims suffered an open wound to the skull, and another suffered an injury to the neck, according to the Ministry of the Interior, who denounced the act as “extremely serious” and “of a religious nature”.
The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism said the attackers were of North African origin.' Read more here
True to form, the BBC has so far proved reluctant to report the Lyon attack, and indeed most others, though in March it did acknowledge some

Meanwhile, the European Jewish Congress (EJC) has called on European imams and Muslim leaders to denounce unequivocally the recent attack in Lyon and to strive to prevent other attacks on Jews elsewhere.  Says EJC president Moshe Kantor:
"Unfortunately, there are mosques and Muslim centers in Europe where people are taught that Jews are the enemy and they should be attacked.
There is mounting documented evidence of this and in addition to calling on the law enforcement agencies to clamp down on incitement we are also calling on Imams and Muslim leaders to become part of the solution and unequivocally condemn attacks against their fellow European citizens.
I have frequent meetings and ongoing deliberations with European political leaders to discuss enforcement of existing laws and other legal issues relating to anti-Semitic attacks, but I would also welcome the opportunity to meet with my counterparts in the European Muslim community to discuss how to combat hatred, intolerance and incitement so Jews can feel safe again in various cities and towns across the continent.
It is in all of our interests that outside conflicts are not imported to the European continent and used as an excuse for anti-Semitic attacks."  Read more here
 Update: And for a couple of good (and very brave) guys see here


  1. OT
    The pagan ferals are at it again
    A developing story, an effigy of Victorian State Premier Baillieu was burnt by anti-Israel protesters outside a gala dinner to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the creation of Israel, the Israeli Ambassador was also attending.

    Baillieu effigy burned in anti-Israel protest outside Windsor Hotel

    There was a short clip on Ch7 6pm news

  2. "Meanwhile, the European Jewish Congress (EJC) has called on European imams and Muslim leaders to denounce unequivocally the recent attack in Lyon and to strive to prevent other attacks on Jews elsewhere. Says EJC president Moshe Kantor:"

    Yeah, that's going to happen.

    Here's really what's going to happen:

    A young man in Tunisia leaves Islam and converts to Christianity.

    Under Sharia, that made him an apostate. The penalty is death.

    It ain't pretty, but it shows what Islam is all about.

    Watch the video.

    1. I was sent that link by a friend a couple of days ago, but haven't had the stomach to watch it.
      In the UK there's a group called British Muslims For Israel, which is much-appreciated.



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