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Monday 11 June 2012

Spinning Alfred Dreyfus For "The New Jews"

Roman Polanski has announced his intention to make a film, called D, about the Dreyfus Affair.
I quote from the Jewish Chronicle:

'The Jewish director, who has lived outside the United States since his involvement in a child sex case in 1978, said telling Dreyfus’s story was something he had wanted to do for a long time.
He said he wanted to treat it "not as a costume drama but as a spy story" to show "its absolute relevance to what is happening in today's world - the age-old spectacle of the witch-hunt of a minority group, security paranoia, secret military tribunals, out-of-control intelligence agencies, governmental cover-ups and a rabid press. [my emphasis]" '
Observes  Hollywood-based screenwriter Mark Tapson inter alia  in a trenchant piece:
'What Polanski means by "the witch-hunt of a minority group," is, of course, Muslims, whom many presume are chafing under the lash of counter-jihad security measures and a tide of "Islamophobic" bigotry. In fact, European Islamists and their apologists have been actively promoting the meme that they are "the new Jews," as even a British Muslim Member of Parliament put it. This shameless claim to the same victimhood status as the targets of Nazi genocide ignores the obvious reality that not even a "tiny minority" of Jews in Nazi Germany were carrying out terror attacks, nor were they striving to destroy European culture and democracy to replace them with a totalitarian theocracy.
 Who is persecuting Muslims? Certainly not the American or European governments, which turn a blind eye to the rise in the West of honor killings, sharia, and Saudi-funded mega-mosques spreading extremism. Unlike Jews in Nazi Germany, Muslims today are not being deprived of their rights, their businesses, or their homes; nor are they being herded into concentration camps to make genocide cheaper and more efficient....
[T]o make a movie about an iconic incident of French Jew-hatred and spin it into a symbol of anti-Muslim victimization at a time when Islamic Jew-hatred itself is spiking in France and throughout Europe is repellent...
 For a Jew to defend an inherently antisemitic ideology is bad enough. One would think that, as the rapist of a 13 year old, Polanski would also think twice about publicly defending an inherently misogynistic ideology that sanctions gender apartheid and the sexual abuse of children throughout the Islamic world.
... And the persecuted minority today is not Muslim but, as always, Jewish."
 Read all of Tapson's piece here

And as an aid to insomnia here is a scary article about Islamic extremism in America


  1. OT
    Andrew Bolt: Go to Monash Uni for another lecture on the enemies of Allah
    Al Suwaidan said his foremost cause is that of Palestine and Jerusalem. “The most dangerous thing facing the Muslims is not the (Arab) dictatorships. The absolutely most dangerous thing is the Jews. They are the greatest enemy.”

    I doubt Al Suwaidan realises that Monash University is named after Sir John Monash born in Victoria, on 27 June 1865, the son of Louis Monash and his wife Bertha, née Manasse. Both parents were Jews from Germany (the family name was originally spelt Monasch).

    More UN bodies, breaking the rules.
    Palestine represented as state at UN assembly
    At international assembly of countries who are parties to the Law of the Sea treaty, Palestinian U.N. observer Riyad Mansour represents 'Palestine' for first time.

  2. Oh, golly! I wouldn't tar all with the same brush ...

  3. I have to agree with Daphne.

    The Islamic world is 1.5 billion people. Only a certain percentage of them can be reasonably characterized as thin-skinned victim-mongers.

    Of course, whatever percentage that is, it probably outnumbers Jews on a scale of at least 10 to 1.


  4. Isn't Tapson attacking a straw man? He reads Pollanski's mind and then build's his article on that reading. Did the director sprout a thought bubble as in the comics?

    Personally I think the persecuted minority Pollanski is referencing is convicted pedophile sex-offenders who flee the country to avoid sentencing but that might only be my piece of mentalism.

    1. But the reference to military tribunals etc doesn't seem to fit. Maybe that's a subtheme, and Tapson in the entire article does suggest it.


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