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Saturday 21 January 2012

Irish Anti-Israel Fanatics Protest Portuguese Singer's Upcoming Visit To Tel Aviv (video)

Portuguese singer Ana Moura is due to perform in Israel on 27th January, and to date hasn't responded to a letter from Raymond Deane, the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign's Cultural Boycott Officer, who told her:
"Your Irish fans and the many Irish lovers of Fado music will be eager to give you a warm Irish welcome when you perform in our National Concert Hall on 19th January next.
However, if you persist with your plan to perform in Israel on 27th January, in violation of the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of the Israeli state, that welcome will be balanced by a demonstration against your indifference to the fate ... of the Palestinian people....
Please ensure that your welcome to Ireland will be unconditional by cancelling your planned performance in Tel Aviv."
The ISPC fanatics (you may recognise two of them from the video in which outraged Jewish visitors gave them a well-deserved tongue-lashing not long ago) were therefore outside the National Concert Hall in Dublin on Thursday, 19th January, to make their feelings known.

Hear these anti-Israel fanatics spewing their venom against the "racist" Jewish State, which they want consigned to "the dustbin of history".  It "clearly is not" a "liberal democratic state on the Western model" but "an ethnocracy for Jews first and foremost" in which Ana Moura will be performing for a "segregated audience" and which is setting up "concentration camps" for illegal immigrants. Of course, these Irish fanatics very conveniently don't mention what the illegal immigrants are escaping from, and why they are willing to risk everything by trekking across desert to enter the - ahem! - Apartheid State. Oh, and they invoke Martin Luther King, apparently forgetting that Dr King wrote "When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews" and a whole lot more on that theme in similiar vein


  1. Daphne, Press TV has lost its licence to broadcast in UK

  2. Fantastic news, shomer!
    Now, if only Ofcom would withdraw Al Beeb's ... Daphne

    (Believe it or not, Blogger won't let me answer comments on site - it's playing up. So I have to post a comment as if it's not my blog, and then go back and moderate my own comment. Crazy!)

  3. Hi Daphne, There is a petition calling for Ana Moura to cancel her visit and there is not a single person who signed it...
    "Ana Moura is scheduled to perform at the Israeli Opera in
    Tel Aviv on 27th January 2012. We are asking Ana Moura to respect the Palestian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions on Israel until it abides by international law and stops its brutal occupation of the Palestinian people.
    Follow this link to read the official call for the Academic
    and Cultural Boycott of Israel:"
    It looks like the movement is losing steam. Jane Birkin was in Israel last week despite all the pressure for her not to go.

  4. The world's hard leftists hate the U.S. and Israel mainly because they think they're the only countries standing in the way of a One World Govt. where all racism will be made a world crime. Meanwhile they have blinkers on about the gigantic Muslim World, and seem to think that if they cut a deal to give them a pass on exterminating the Jewish state they will go with their program.

    Boy will they be mistaken. Israel will always be here, long after Muhammad and his Islam are relegated to the dustbin of history, and the U.S. will always staunchly back it even if the rest of the world turns against it.

    Jews aren't even a race, they started out as a tribe, and are kissing cousins with the Arabs, who according to both the Jewish and Muslim holy books started out as another tribe, both founded by sons of Abraham; DNA testing proves that they're virtually identical. Whatever Jews are now, they know that the Jewish state of Israel is needed to prevent another Holocaust. Does the slogan "Never Again" mean anything to the hard leftists?

  5. Thanks, Philo and TLW. Daphne.

  6. They - the Irish - hate Jews because they believe every bit of anti-semitic christ-killing garbage their priests fill their heads with. It is no accident Catholics are a large group of anti-Semites. History shows what sides the Catholics been on vis a vis Jews. With the odd exception.
    PS, Daphne; what the hell has it got to do with these Irish, whether a Portuguese woman sings in Israel?? Unbelievable!!!

  7. Look at the situation logically.

    It is projected that the population of Northern Ireland will reach 1.8 million by 2011.

    How many of those would want to hear Ana Moura sing?

    How many of the 1.8 million people belong and/or support the Ireland Palestine Solidarity group’s ideals?

    I somehow don’t think that it bothers Ana Moura one iota. She’s probably laughing at the whole thing.

    TL Winslow...I don’t want to get into an argument with you, however I suggest you do same research into Jewish genetics. Some DNA-Y is similar, that’s it. It’s even possible to trace Levites and Cohens.




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