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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Shtum & Shtumer: The moronic mindset motivating much media mischief

"Half The Story, All The Time."  With that phrase the very talented and tenacious team at that wonderful website, Biased BBC, hit the nail on the head of what is so scandalously wrong with Al Beeb's reportage.  Not only on Israel and the Middle East. But on so many other topics too.

"We are all guilty." That was one of those asinine buzz phrases droned by the fanatical Left during the Vietnam War era.  Its legacy can be seen in those present-day institutions (such as the BBC and its Aussie counterpart the ABC)  that the Left has infiltrated and influenced  increasingly ever since, each generation of recruiters evidently taking on newcomers cast in their own image.

The impact of "We are all guilty" can be seen in the way the BBC reports issues of race, according extravagant, breast-beating,sometimes almost fetish-like coverage to white-on-black or white-on-Asian crime, but generally soft-peddling cases in which the miscreants are non-whites and the victims white.

The recent abominable murder of a young Indian postgraduate student at Lancaster University, shot in the head at close range in a seemingly unprovoked attack in Salford by some sick scumbag, has rightly caused widespread grief and outrage.  I'm sure that many people, of all backgrounds, feel like tearing the perpetrator apart with their bare hands.

Similarly, no tears need be shed for feral racists who have just been convicted, after many years at large, of stabbing eighteen-year-old Stephen Lawrence to death, apparently for the sole reason that he was black.

But since the "We Are All Guilty" mindset is embedded in an anti-"Western imperialism" or post-colonial guilt trip, for the BBC and other leftwing media non-whites, in marked contrast to whites, can seldom be innately racist.

Thus, like the legendary three wise monkeys, the BBC and other outlets of its ilk, wise only by the criteria of their own warped Weltenschauung, are wilfully blind, deaf, and dumb regarding such crimes as this and this.

Crimes which, I might add, have earned the most derisory sentences.  (See an interesting take here)

When you have time, take a look at this, and pay special attention to how the media (including the odious BBC) treated two murders that occurred on the same day, miles apart: one of a black teenager by whites in Manchester and one of a young white man by a black youth on a bus in London. 

Effectively, what is being practised here is censorship.  Consequently the public, since facts are deliberately being withheld from them by a press that is voluntarily fettered, is not entirely free.

Just the other week, in the wake of the conviction of the two thugs found guilty of murdering Stephen Lawrence, the BBC sent a reporter out to discover whether attitudes to race (that is, white attitudes to blacks) had improved since that heinous crime was committed in 1993.  It seems racists (white, naturellement) were rather thin on the ground, for when at last the reporter encountered an angry white man, who obliged by cursing with the N word (at least, we were told he did), the reporter looked positively orgasmic, skipping in his gait as he continued to badger the old guy for amplification of his views.

Virtually all the man's bottom teeth were missing.  He's evidently too poor to afford the cosmetic dentistry that the suburban middle classes take for granted, and I suspect he was as angry, if not angrier, at a toff from the BBC coming slumming into his neighbourhood to patronise and probe people like him as he is towards his black neighbours.

There is a racist bee in Al Beeb's bonnet. We had more evidence of it last week with yet another of its features on "Stop and Search".  The BBC, of course, in examining the current status of "Stop and Search" only told one side of the story.  (No prizes for guessing which one.)

The National Union of Journalists' 'guidelines on reporting race' (admirably commonsensical in many respects) contain this decidedly dodgy assertion:

'Black can cover people of Arab, Asian, Chinese and African origin.' 

Arabs black? Chinese black

What a curious figment of a politically correct mindset which has jettisoned all reason, which sows divisiveness in society, and which perhaps, in reportage of the Middle East conflict, encourages the portrayal of Arabs as victims!  (Forgetting, of course, that if Arabs are black, then so is half the Israeli population.)

By such means are whites constructed as a demonic "Other."  

By such woolly thinking, the Black Police Association contains people who are  no more "black" in either physical appearance or ethnic origin than is an olive-skinned Italian.


  1. "Half The Story, All The Time."

    I just LOVE that line! Although, I fear that with your headline "Shtum & Shtumer" you are giving the BBC too much benefit of the doubt. Being less generous than you, I think they are more than just "silent": I immediately thought of the infamous "Sturmer" as an ideological predecessor of that what the BBC has become.

    As to Al Beeb's hunt for racists:
    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks", or in more modern parlance: this is sheer psychological projection, if we are allowed to include anti-white in the concept of racism. All in my notsohumble opinion, of course;)

  2. Yes, it's a great line, Rita, and they've used it more than once.

    You should have seen Al Beeb the other evening, reporting on BBC Trust chief Lord Patten's appearance before the Leveson Inquiry. Nicholas Witchell, their Royal Correspondent, did the honours, and reported Patten's appearance in the most nauseating sychophantic terms possible. It would surely win Witchell Private Eye's OBN ("Order of the Brown Nose").
    Patten, of course, is pro-Palestinian...


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