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Monday, 23 January 2012

Britain Gets Rid Of The Press Gang, & More Good News, Naturally

"Press TV seems to have disappeared!" came the excited, if incredulous, voice on Friday. "I keep clicking on [Sky digital channel] 515 and there's nothing there!"

Knowing that a serious complaint had been filed with Ofcom about the Iranian satellite propaganda news and current channel, and that last month the channel had been fined £100,00 for multiple transgressions, I googled at once, and saw the announcement of the withdrawal of Press TV's licence to broadcast in Britain, effective immediately.

So it's goodbye to the gang who've graced its airwaves, putting the knife into Israel ... Yvonne Ridley, Lauren Booth (pictured), George Galloway (leaving little to the imagination when attired in a tight girly-pink leotard on TV, needless to say not Press TV) ...

The willingness of the western women, in particular, to act as presenters on a station that is funded by a regime which stones women to death and colludes in the gang-rape of virgin female prisoners prior to execution is especially repulsive and odious...

So, therefore, is the willingness of anti-Israel female activists such as Baroness (Jenny) Tonge to give interviews to Press TV.

And so, of course, is the willingness of so many common-or-garden female Israel-bashers to act as apologists for the Iranian regime.

Launched in 2007, Press TV, broadcasting 24/7, claimed a regular viewing figure of almost 10 million British homes.

Among those regular viewers, evidently, is the all-female coven that constitutes my local Palestine Solidarity Campaign branch.  A trio of these middle-aged/elderly women (whose antics range from harassing shoppers outside supermarkets stocking Israeli produce to initiating an online petition asking David Cameron to apologise for the Balfour Declaration) spent much of Wednesday beside a stall, bedecked with those four infamous maps (you know the ones), they'd set up in the town centre, complete with a huge banner inquiring "Whatever Happened To Palestine".  They were thrusting anti-Israel propaganda at passers by, and one rattled a collection tin.

Some weeks ago, between tweets decrying the United States and Israel and promoting BDS, their leader tweeted "Tell Ofcom that PressTV's the one UK channel reporting what the mainstream don't. And it's virtually trivia-free..."
Last week they carried the message: "....There's no proof Iran has nuclear weapons program!..."
And their latest tweet is: "Please campaign to get Ofcom to put Press TV back on Sky...." 

 I imagine the entire anti-Israel movement in Britain evinces similar indignation at the passing of the Press Gang.

And there was more good news for Israel's supporters in Britain this week.  As reported recently in the Jewish Chronicle,
"Filmmakers Ken Loach and Mike Leigh have condemned the Natural History Museum for collaborating with an Israeli firm on a research project.
They were joined by Liberal Democrat peer Jenny Tonge and a number of other critics of Israel in writing a letter to the Independent newspaper.
The signatories complained that the museum was guilty of breaking international law by working with cosmetics company Ahava on a research project into the possible risks of "nanomaterial" (microscope man-made cells which could be used to treat illness in the future)...."
 To its credit, however, the Natural History Museum has refused to budge.  Israel Matsav , following the Jerusalem Post, has the details.
(Hat tip: reader Shirlee)


  1. Oh my G-d Daphne!!

    Where did you get the photo of Ken Livingstone from... it's priceless?

    I was shtiking myself.
    (As best as I can get for a translation, would be laughing a great deal)

    I bet the abominable Lauren Booth won't be missed on UK TV.!!

    I doubt the the above mentioned 'people' will be in the dole queue though. Just because it's being cut in the UK, there are other English speaking countries that take the programme but thank G-d this isn't one of them

  2. I'm delighted to see that PressTV is off British television. How this propaganda arm of the Iranian regime could have been given air time in the first place is beyond me. While we're at it, how about if Lauren Booth is arrested for treason for broadcasting for a hostile state-sponsored foreign "news" organization and thrown into jail? Just a thought...

    For those interested in monitoring their broadcasts, the internet broadcaster Livestation still carries video feed from PressTV. Of course, there is always their website, if you can stomach it.

  3. Och, Shirlee. Dinna ye ken George Galloway frae Ken Livingstone? The picture shows him on Big Brother some years ago, when he pretended to be a pussy cat and lapped milk from Rula Lenska's saucer! :~)

    Yes, Samson, the local PSC tweeted that it's still online ...
    Daphne (who at the moment can't comment from within the blog!)

  4. My giddy aunt !!

    Ken Livingstone on "Big Brother" !

    The guy's a bigger idiot than I thought.

  5. No muppet. As the previous comment pointed out, that's George Galloway.

  6. Hey, Shirlee's no muppet! Methinks she was joking...

  7. The fine figure of a man in the picture, Shirlee. George. Not Ken. As far as I know Ken has never been on Big Brother.

  8. Ken, George, Smorge who cares what the guy's name is ?

    I sure don't. !

  9. Press TV RIP. With a little luck maybe the BBC next.

  10. We can but dream, Steve!


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