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Sunday 3 March 2019

The Corbynistas' "Toxic Culture"

It's known as "rich Jew antisemitism", the vile stereotype that all Jews are rich, that all Jews covet money.

It's exemplified by the woman in these screengrabs.

She appears in the following video from a London pro-Corbyn event last year at about 4:13 taunting a young pro-Israel Jewish demonstrator with the assertion that all he and his kind care about is money, "silver and gold".

There are other antisemites in the video as well, so have a look if you would know the mindset of the Corbynista enemy.

It's "rich Jew antisemitism" that, under the over of "anti-Zionism", propels so much of the antisemitism seen among Corbyn admirers today, the sort of people who joined the Labour Party when the rules were changed to give rank and file members in the vote for the party's leadership, and which thrust the old class warrior into the top job.

In the Jewish Chronicle, a report about the British Labour Party leadership's despicable attitude towards the antisemitism in a once honourable party.

Inter alia:
' Jewish Labour members were "in tears" after [Shadow Home Secretary] Diane Abbott llowed a motion calling on the party to “firmly reject” accusations of institutional antisemitism to pass at a local meeting.
Patrick Moûle, a member of the Hackney North and Stoke Newington Constituency Labour Party (CLP), tweeted an image of the “utter disgrace of a motion”, which was passed by 45 votes to 35, with 14 abstentions on Thursday evening....
The motion read:
 “This CLP notes with increasing alarm the acceptance of the ‘fact’ that the Labour Party is ‘institutionally antisemitic’ by not only the media, but the right wing of the PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party]. 
It is distracting people’s attention away from the calamitous consequences of the Tory government’s continuing austerity and its disastrous handling of the Brexit issue as it nears the 29 March deadline.
It is a scandal that we are allowing ourselves to be branded as a racist party. Furthermore, we call upon the NEC [National Executive Committee] to release a statement firmly rejecting the accusation that Labour is in any way ‘institutionally racist’, making it clear that Labour and its current leader have a proud record of fighting racism and will continue to do so.” ...'
(See also

Corbyn has enjoyed a very close relationship with Ms Abbott, it seems

Fresh defence of him by her re antisemitism here

See yet more here

Meanwhile, in the Sunday Times, Liverpool MP Luciana Berger, who recently left the party owing to its antisemitism, tells interviewer Rachel Sylvester 'about the toxic culture in the partyunder Jeremy Corbyn -- and the horrific antisemitism she has endured'.

Snippets (hat tip: international politoics academic James Vaughan on Twitter):


I'm reminded of this passage in Bret Stephens's review in the New York Times (30 January 2019) of Professor Deborah Lipstadt's book Antisemitism: Here and Now:
'....  Anti-Semitism, to adapt a phrase, is the hate that dare not speak its name, and Lipstadt is at her best when she removes the guises under which it travels....
[A]nti-Zionism ... pretends that one can malign Israel as a uniquely diabolical and illegitimate state, guilty of Nazi-like atrocities, and still be acquitted of anti-Semitism. The leading Western voice for this view is the British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has repeatedly joined hands with virulent anti-Semites who share his pro-Palestinian, anticapitalist views — all the while insisting that he opposes racism. Lipstadt makes short work of that defense.
“Is Jeremy Corbyn an anti-Semite?” she asks.
“My response would be that that’s the wrong question. The right questions to ask are: Has he facilitated and amplified expressions of anti-Semitism? Has he been consistently reluctant to acknowledge expressions of anti-Semitism unless they come from white supremacists and neo-Nazis? Will his actions facilitate the institutionalization of anti-Semitism among other progressives? Sadly, my answer to all of this is an unequivocal yes. Like Trump, Corbyn has emboldened and enabled anti-Semites, but from the other end of the political spectrum.”...
 Breaking ...


  1. The question Brits should be asking themselves is that when the UK is Judenrein, and it will be, who's next? No sane person can imagine that in a country of 66 million people, if the existence of barely 170,000 Jews is such a burden as to require their total extinction that the left will stop with them. Everyone who's not to the left of Vanessa Redgrave or Pol Pot needs to worry where their place on the list of groups eligible for ethnic cleansing in New Britain is. The Jews of Britain, in 50 years will be a blip like the long lost heritage of Jews in North Africa but their descendants will carry on, in Israel and elsewhere. For everyone else on the list; the non communists, the non Muslim, the whites, the literate, the not insane...all of them. They will likely go down without a fight and no one will remember them any more than we care about Jutes. Interesting but in the way of 'progress'.

  2. Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz
    Refutes the BDS Movement:

    “The goal of the BDS movement…
    is to mis-educate students…

    The goal of the BDS movement is to
    mis-educate a generation of future leaders,
    by lying to them, by demonizing,
    delegitimizing, discriminating against,
    applying a double-standard to the
    nation-state of the Jewish people.”

    “BDS is part of a more generalized
    effort to destroy the State of Israel…”

    Alan Dershowitz Dismantles the BDS Movement
    a YouTube video by Alan M. Dershowitz, 2016/7/23


    Jonathan S. Tobin said this about BDS:

    “BDS is not a movement that aims
    to merely criticize Israel’s policies.

    Its purpose is the elimination of
    the sole Jewish state on the planet.

    Its modus operandi is economic warfare,
    which given the success of Israel’s economy
    means it has been a colossal failure.

    Yet its strategic purpose is to legitimize discrimination against Jews and their state,
    as well as to stigmatize and isolate Israel’s
    Jewish supporters. That is why BDS is not
    only a form of anti-Jewish bias that is
    indistinguishable from anti-Semitism,
    but also provides an easy explanation
    for why acts of anti-Semitism soon
    follow wherever the movement pops up.”

    A Dangerous Future for J Street
    by Jonathan S. Tobin / * 2018 December 6


    Martha Pollack (President
    of Cornell University in New York) said:

    “BDS unfairly singles out one country
    in the world for sanction when there
    are many countries around the world
    whose governments’ policies may be
    viewed as controversial…”

    “Moreover, it places all of
    the responsibility for an extraordinarily
    complex geopolitical situation on just
    one country and frequently conflates
    the policies of the Israeli government
    with the very right of Israel to exist
    as a nation, which I find particularly

    Cornell University President Shares ‘Strong Opposition to BDS
    by Shiri Moshe, 2019 March 1

  3. I'm doing my very best not to sound sexist here but I do have a question that has just shot to the front of my brain.

    Why is it that antisemites are always so impossibly ugly?

    Fair dinkum. That woman looks as if she has just been knocked on the skull by the knuckle of Satan in the dark.

    One long look in the wrong direction and pigeons in flight will fall like blocks of ice.


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