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Monday 25 March 2019

The Christchurch Atrocity: Indirectly Blaming Bibi

To quoted from its website, Kia Ora Gaza
"is a New Zealand network dedicated to support international efforts to break the inhuman and illegal Israeli siege and naval blockade of Gaza by delivering humanitarian aid, fostering fraternal relations, enhancing understanding of Palestine and the Middle East, and cooperating with others who have similar aims.
Kia Ora Gaza promotes justice, human rights, peace and freedom for the people of Palestine....
All forms of racism and discrimination are the antithesis of justice, peace and freedom. Kia Ora Gaza social media will not tolerate any act or discourse which adopts or promotes, among others: racism, anti-Arab racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, xenophobia, or homophobia."
As I showed here last week, "zionism" was explicitly included in the latter list until mysteriously expunged last week in the immediate wake of the Christchurch atrocity.

Kia Ora Gaza has since promoted an article from the Palestine Chronicle by Iqbal Jassat of Johannesburg, which reproduces and endorses the following tweet by US-based Ali Abuminah, a founder of the Electronic Intifada,

'.... There is no doubt in my mind that Ali Abunimah’s tweet correctly singles out Israeli war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu as a leading architect of antiMuslim hate campaigns as well as an ally of white supremacists and Nazis. 
His active pursuit of Islamophobia, incitement of wars and execution of Palestinians is not an irregular occurrence. Netanyahu, as head of the Middle East’s sole colonial entity, has been in the forefront of global war efforts to target what he unashamedly defines as “Muslim extremism” and “Islamist terrorism”....'
So, indirectly, Bibi is being blamed for the Christchurch massacre, as he is in another Palestine Chronicle article reproduced by Kia Ora Gaza the day before this one.

Yet it is a glaring fact that the perpetrator of that atrocity has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel.

The Kia Ora Gaza website contains a disclaimer:
"Our website and facebook pages underscore and promote these goals, however posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kia Ora Gaza or our partners"
It would be interesting to test whether they would post the occasional pro-"Zionist" article, in that case!

Or articles critical of Islamic sexism.

Update: Worse and worse, prominent New Zealand Muslim leader suggests Mossad is behind the massacre.  Don't miss this.

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