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Tuesday 19 July 2016

Joined At The Navel: The ABC BBC of it

Yesterday, in the wake of yet another Islamic atrocity (the Nice tragedy), conservative Australian columnist Andrew Bolt wrote an article in the Herald-Sun which caught the fancy of an Australian television personality named Sonia Kruger (see my previous post).

Note how the BBC has chosen to report this Aussie incident, giving emphasis to Ms Kruger's critics and deriders of her "as a mother" remark in explaining how Islamic terror worries her.   Some examples from the report:

(Who's Pickering? Oh, some comedian or other.)

Hanson-Young is a Greens senator of whom the ABC is inordinately fond, as indicated by the vast amounts of airtime its new bulletins give her to deride the nation's "turn back the boats" policy and other issues connected with asylum:

Among the critics of Ms Kruger highlighted by the BBC,  a discordant voice:

I should have thought that being a mother, and therefore having a stake in the future of this country and what kind of place it will be for her child[ren] makes a mother a very qualified person indeed.

But the opportunity to mock (and demonise) was, after all, the only reason the Corporation, awash with Islamophile leftists, reported the story in the first place, wasn't it?

I'm correct, aren't I, Jon Donnison (here spoon-feeding the not-to-be-trusted viewing public with a propaganda-laden tweet of his own)?:

In the same vein, the Facebook page of QandA, the ABC's equivalent to the BBC's Question Time  (yesterday's show here), is full of leftist partisanship, and its studio audience similarly stacked.

As always, the terrible twosome are in a three-way relationship, the Guardian being their partner in bias.  But at least the Guardian can claim entitlement to vent its propaganda: the ABC and the BBC cannot, since they are public broadcasters financed by the taxpayer.  And obligated by their charters to be objective.


  1. hello Daphne. This isn't about the subject of your post but as regards Donnison he proved what a vulgar infantile disgrace he is when he used the C word on a tweet.



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