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Monday, 25 July 2016

"The Muslim Community are the First Victims of Fanaticism"

BBC today
Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah, writing (inter alia) in the immediate wake of the Nice atrocity:
'I can only imagine jihadis and Islamists howling in laughter at the gullibility of Islamism’s liberal apologists in the West. [Among those he cites are Jeffery Goldberg and Noah Feldman]
For the inexhaustible supply of Western liberals, who Lenin described as “Useful Idiots”, allow me to share a sample of just two sharia laws, from among the tens of thousands that have sustained ruthless, unelected caliphates for centuries.
“If the husband’s body is covered with pus and blood, and if the wife licks and drinks it, her obligations to her husband will still not be fulfilled.”
“Wives enter into their husband’s slavery after marriage.”
Even if one should consider those two examples an internal matter for Muslims, here are two more illustrations of Shariah law as expounded by the founder of 20th century Islamism, the Indian-born Syed Mawdudi, in his book Call to Jihad.
 “Islamic ‘Jihad’ does not recognize their (non-Muslims’) right to administer State affairs according to a system, which in the view of Islam, is evil.”
    “If the Muslim Party commands adequate resources it will eliminate un-Islamic governments and establish the power of Islamic governments in their stead.”
...'  (Read the entire article here)

Meanwhile, an example of the liberal apologists' mindset here 

And here

And in this broadcast, where we are told by the narrator "The Muslim Community are the first victims of fanaticism":

Parisian academic Guy Millière, in his article "France:After the Last Jihadist Attack", makes some choice comments on the mindset, as summarised below:
'Successive French governments have built a trap; the French people, who are in it, are thinking only of how to escape. The situation is more serious than many imagine. Whole areas of France are under the control of gangs and radical imams.
 Prime Minister Manuel Valls repeated what he already said 18 months ago: "France is at war." He named an enemy, "radical Islamism," but he was quick to add that "radical Islamism" has "nothing to do with Islam." He then repeated that the French will have to get used to living with "violence and attacks."
The French are increasingly tired of attempts to exonerate Islam. They know perfectly well that all Muslims are not guilty. But they also know that all those who committed attacks in France in recent years were Muslims. The French have no desire to get used to "violence and attacks." They do not want to be on the losing side and they feel that we are losing.'
Read his article here

And, marching towards Hungary, more young men of military age refugee family groups:

(Hat tip: Vlad Tepes blog)


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