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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Aussie Senator Defames Israel & Adelaide Museum Allows Nakba Plaque

"The great crime of the 20th century is now the great crime of the 21st century."

That's how, according to an excellent must-read  report from J-Wire, the Israel-hating BDS-loving part-Jewish Greens Australian Senator Lee Rhiannon, the daughter of hard left parents, described the Nakba at this year's "Nakba Day" rally in Sydney.

As J-Wire noted, and as seen in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, she also authorised rally leaflets and a poster using parliamentary funds, material that denies Israel's right to exist by dating the "Occupation" to 1948.   (Read and see more at J-Wire here)

Some faces in the crowd:

Yes, it seems that all of Israel-hating human life was there.

The ludicrous "Jews Against The Occupation" also turned up, but since they'd fit inside an old-fashioned telephone booth and still have space over I haven't bothered to include them.  

I trust that Senator Rhiannon, a staunch feminist who nevertheless denounces "Islamophobia"

deplores the overt antisemitism seen among Nakba Day demonstrators such as this bozo at the rally:

I think we should be told.


 The Anti-Israel-obsessed Left is lobbying hard.

 "Nakba Day" has also seen a squalid development in Adelaide.

The Migration Museum  in that city is a South Australia state government institution that according to its website "works towards the preservation, understanding and enjoyment of South Australia’s diverse cultures. It is a place to discover the many identities of the people of South Australia through the stories of individuals and communities".

However, on Sunday 15 May political divisiveness and demonisation of Israel intruded upon the multicultural ethos, since the Museum permitted a "Nakba Day" event under the auspices of AFOPA (Australian Friends of Palestine Association) to take place for the purpose of unveiling a plaque headed "Palestine" commemorating the "Nakba, or Catastrophe" (text shown close-up below).

As I noted recently, AFOPA's patron is Adelaide barrister Mr Paul Heywood Smith, whom I mentioned here recently with regard to his writings concerning Israel.

AFOPA's thrust can be seen in such image as these:

In his speech at the unveiling Adelaide resident Dr Ibrahim Elassaad reminisced about his Palestinian Arab family's experiences (and I'm sure no one begrudges him his memories nor his feelings), but the political nature of the event at a publicly funded Museum was a propaganda exercise which enabled one-sided denunciation of Israel to go unchallenged:
"We suffered greatly as a result of our displacement. We became a stateless people.
We lived as refugees, struggling for recognition, struggling for survival and waiting for the day when we can go back home. We still wait for the day when we can go back home.
Today marks the 68th anniversary of the Al Nakba - the Catastrophe of Palestine. Today I am sad to say that the Palestinian displacement and suffering has not stopped.... The Israeli Separation Wall, which is illegal under International law and which has destroyed any possibility of a contiguous Palestinian land, continues.
And today we witness the siege of more than two million Palestinians in Gaza. Gaza stands as the world’s largest and most densely populated open air prison, with the Palestinians denied autonomy over access to their land, and denied autonomy over their sea and air space.
The list goes on.
And the intention of the Israeli Occupying powers is clear: it is to make Palestinian life so miserable so as to force the remaining Palestinians to leave....
Today we are calling for all people who believe in human rights and all governments who proclaim democracy, equal opportunity and justice to stand by the Palestinians. To help them regain their freedom; their rights and their autonomy.
We are grateful and indebted to the Australian people for their support, and we are indebted to the Migration Museum of South Australia for acknowledging us and for commemorating the suffering of the Palestinian people; and for acknowledging the contribution of the South Australian Palestinian community with this plaque...."
[Emphasis added]


  1. Of course The Migration Museum wouldn't dare feature anything about the Holocaust, only the failure of Arabs attempted 2nd Holocaust of the Jews. Also could you imagine the outrage if they had something on the Armenian Genocide or the expulsion of 1.3 Mil Black Sea Greeks.
    There's nothing like wearing Guy Fawkes mask to show everyone you've never read a book.

    1. Alan Dershowitz has a great article out re how the post-Holocaust "moratorium" on antisemitism has expired - these creeps exemplify that.

  2. Rabbi Ovadiah of Bartenura
    in a letter to his father in year 1488 August 15:

    “Jews in Muslim lands make themselves appear poor.

    They go about like an impoverished, despised people,
    with their heads bowed before Muslims.”

    Rabbi Ovadiah ben Abraham of Bartenura was born around 1445 CE in Bertinoro, Italy, and died around 1515 CE in Jerusalem.

    Pathway to Jerusalem: the Travel Letters of Rabbi Ovadiah of Bartenura, written between 1488 and 1490 during his journey to the Holy Land (page 40) translated by Yaakov Dovid Shulman, year 1992 CE, 93 pages, CIS Publishers, Lakewood, New Jersey, ISBN 1-56062-130-3



    Pro-Israel Articles from Aish HaTorah:

    Articles Refuting the BDS Movement from Aish HaTorah:

  3. She is a third generation antisemite. An old style Stalinist, she sucked in genocidal Jew hatred with her mother's milk. They helped found the local branch of the Communist Party.
    A family of monsters.
    The original antisemitic Jews.

    1. Hard left parents, certainly, Geoff, and of a kind hostile to Jewish particularism, but I don't think her father was Jewish.


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