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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

An Anglo-Jewish Hero's Night Out (video)

To quote David Collier, describing the execrable leftist and as-a-Jew anti-Israel event he attended yesterday in London:
".... Then after [each panellist spoke] for a few minutes each, in the spirit of good comradeship the microphone began to move around the floor. One after the other repeated the sentiments of the panel. ‘It is a witch-hunt’.  ‘Antisemitism is a right wing disease’. ‘Left wingers hate all forms of racism, especially Islamophobia’. Over and over again, ‘Islamophobia’, ‘Islamophobia’, ‘Islamophobia’. Several suggested ‘hiding the hate’ might be a good idea for tactical reasons (something to bear in mind). Eventually, someone said it, this whole episode isn’t even about antisemitism, it is about Islamophobia, ‘they’ (I assume Zionists?) ‘are using this to attack Muslims’. Loud applause.
 A special mention needs to go to Jonathan Hoffman. Jonathan is a vocal Zionist presence at some of these events. When the microphone arrived at his door. He made full use of it. You can hear his comments below. Fighting the fight the way he does, is I assure you, emotionally charged and draining. This was an extremely hostile room of radical thought. He deserves both our appreciation and gratitude."
Richard Millett's video shows why (be sure to see his description of this latest London anti-Israel fest too):

Good onya, Jonathan.  כל הכבוד

Needless to say, the abominable leftists have edited our hero and the heckling out of their videos:


  1. To stand up and speak for Israel in the midst of haters is something very special but that's what Jonathan does . Toe to toe and never flinching . He is truly on the front line and they hate him for it because they would like nothing better than to conduct their nefarious ugly events within an echo chamber .
    Well done too Richard and David Collier . If only our mainstream Zionist organisations would man up once in a while attend and question these hate fests rather than let them go unchallenged . This is the front line . It needs to be manned .

    1. Thanks for commenting, Harvey. It certainly reflects great credit on Richard and David too. I attended two anti-Israel meetings when I was living in the UK, in a rural town. I forced myself to get up and challenge the speakers (in one case an anti-Israel activist taking around a travelling show of Gaza kids' art, and in the other a Neturei Karta rabbi - both events courtesy of the local PSC. In the first one the speaker refused to answer me, sussing me out as a Joo when I asked him precisely what "solution" for the conflict he envisaged and old hard leftists started abusing me. In the other you could hear a pin drop when I announced my obviously Jewish name (not Daphne Anson) and people whirled round in their seats as if expecting to see a Martian! The NK speaker himself was very charming to me - and that is a dangerous part of his appeal.

  2. scumbags --


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