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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

No Imperialism or Islamophobia Please: We're Leftists

BDSer Associate Professor Jake Lynch has been talking to the Aussie Green Left Weekly about his reportedly troubled Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University.

 And look who was spotted in the audience for this talk at Sydney Uni by John Pilger yesterday:

Photo credit: Peter Boyle

Meanwhile (in contrast to the good sense expressed by conservative columnist Andrew Bolt here and here), in an article entitled "Blame Hate, Not Islam: Europe's Left responds to terror attacks," the Aussie Green Left has been quick to defend the Religion of Peace following the Islamic terror attacks in Brussels, and to take a little swipe at the Zionist Entity in the process.

Inter alia, it tells readers:
'Grassroots groups across Europe are warning against succumbing to misguided and bigoted speech in the wake of the latest terrorist atrocity in Belgium.
Reacting to the terror attacks in Brussels on March 22, an Israeli state official echoed the typical narrative conflating Islam and terrorism, and the idea of a clash of a civilisation.
"This is a Third World War against our common values," Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said, according to the Jerusalem Post. "Terrorism must unite Western countries to unite for a determined, creative, and uncompromising fight against its origins, funders, and operators." Western culture is under attack from extremist Islamic terrorism, which is relentless and indiscriminate, Ya'alon added.
In Europe, calls for increasing security and tightening borders pushed anti-racist groups to issue both condolences and warnings against Islamophia amid the sorrow... 
Brushing away heated polemic, some groups instead opted for a sober anti-imperialist analysis...
Islamophobic comments flooded social media following the attacks, with #StopIslam trending on Twitter in major European countries including Belgium, France, Turkey, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands..."
More on the same theme from CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), in an article entitled "While Brussels aches, Muslims brace for another round of Islamophobia":


  1. Some day soon leftist apologist for Islam are going to rush to the scene of a terrorist slaughter and literally urinate on the victims.

    International Business Times: “Muslims Fear Backlash After Brussels Attack”

    Islamic State distributes sweets to Muslims in celebration of Brussels jihad massacre

    1. At Tim Blair's blog they are celebrating a classic comment of a few years ago.

      "Muslim Leaders Fear Backlash After Tomorrow's Terrorist Attack "


  3. good post by Diana West


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