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Sunday 17 January 2016

Beware the Diktats

As the BBC, to its credit, reports at length here, there's a Twitter campaign afoot to show solidarity in France with beleaguered French Jewry by wearing kippot in sympathy with that community, whose members are feeling so vulnerable that (as again the BBC reports) they are making aliya in unprecedented numbers.

The reason for their plight and flight is, of course, heightened levels of antisemitism, including vicious physical attacks and killings, perpetrated mainly by Islamic haters of Jews and Israel.

"Eurabia" and its consequences for Jews, for Israel, for women, for western civilisation itself, is of course a legitimate, indeed a vital subject for discourse.  The ramifications of mass Muslim migration, particularly of unaccompanied males, affects us all.  Many Europe-watchers predict dire consequences for Europeans' progeny.  Some foresee a civil war.  Others believe that it is not too fanciful to suggest that, if demographic trends remain as they are, national legislatures, including the parliament at Westminster,might one day consist of a majority of persons who would vote in sharia law!

Meanwhile,  however, the increasingly dictatorial Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) has chided a social media user concerned at the recent sex assaults on women in Germany and elsewhere who used the phrase "gangs of young Arab men of military age" in relation to the attacks.

Warns the OHPI:

I have blogged  about the deleterious implications for free speech now posed by the OHPI. 

So, much more ably, have others.

See, for example, here

And here

There is even a rather disturbing video in existence.  You can see it here

Whatever its merits (and it certainly has some), the OHPI must not be permitted to muzzle or intimidate political discourse by a campaign of removal or threats to remove, or to dilute (I could almost say "emasculate"!) the narrative of that discourse by dictating how legitimate concerns are to be phrased.


  1. Maybe it'll insist on doing what Swedish media that doesn't want Joe Public to know that criminals reported about are really called Faisal or Ahmed - report the crimes as being by Sven or Olof instead!

  2. This is a great article


  4. O/T, something interesting happened to a YouTube post by Brian of London:

  5. How spooky to know that the OHPI encouages Facebook users to report Islamofauxbic posts - the OHPI's now Islam's bitch


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