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Friday 29 January 2016

EU Labels: A French Oleh Writes ...

Here's a post on European double standards by French oleh Jean Vercors.

He will be no stranger to regular readers of this blog.

His article is provocatively entitled "The European Union is happy : it's just following in the footsteps of the Nazi boycott to make the world better".

Writes Jean Vercors:

The European Union (apart from the Czech Republic, which has all my respect) approved without hesitation Wednesday the implementation of the labeling of products originating " Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories ".

What is immediately striking is that the EU is not at all embarrassed that its decision closely resembles the Nazi boycott of 1933. The old demons die har . In 1933, an economic boycott against the Jews was decided by the Nazi leadership, just weeks after coming to power on 30 January that year.

For the EU, these exports to label sources "Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories", that is to say the geographical areas annexed by Israel after the 1967 war: the Golan Heights , Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The Jews, we must say, dared to defend itself in a war that Europe believed lost to Israel: remember the embargo of Charles de Gaulle and his statements after Israel crushed the enemy [in 1967]. They dared to reclaim their historic lands of Judea and Samaria, and Jerusalem! Who can forgive the Jews for refusing to submit? Certainly not Europe.

The European measure involves mainly agricultural products: fruits and vegetables, wine, honey, olive oil, eggs, dates, chicken ... because the vast majority of industrial exports "colonies" consists of components or spare parts then assembled in finished products, which makes them difficult to trace.

Cosmetics from the Dead Sea are also targeted, but the EU still does not know that the Ahava company was bought by the Chinese (Chinese investment firm Fosun ) and that the Chinese do not perhaps hear with the same ear.

Will EU technocrats, one day soon, draw signs on Jewish shops in Europe that sell these products, as did the Nazi SA (Sturmabteilung or Storm Troopers ) in 1933?

The Star of David was painted in yellow and black across thousands of doors and windows , accompanied by anti-Semitic slogans such as " Do not buy from Jews," "Jews are our misfortune ."

Acts of violence were perpetrated against Jews and Jewish property across Germany, the police intervening only rarely .

According to the directive given by the European Commission, the mention of the country of origin must take into account the heading under which the territories are most commonly known.

The indication " Israeli settlement " should be specified in brackets, for example.

Mention may be formulated as follows: "Product of the West Bank (Israeli settlement )"; if the product comes from "Palestine" but not a "colony,"  the statement could be: "Product of the West Bank ( Palestinian produce )."

The formulation is left to the discretion of member states, which are responsible for implementing and enforcing EU legislation on consumer protection . The economic impact of this measure could create unemployment and misery of the Palestinians, but the EU does not care: for it is a small price to pay to punish the Jews.

The New York Times, for example, recalled that at least 25,000 Palestinians work for Israeli companies operating in the "so-called occupied territories " and are paid three to four times more than wages in Palestinian businesses. Many will lose their jobs but the EU does not care.

According to Israel, "it is strange or annoying to see that the EU chooses to apply double standards towards Israel, while there are more than 200 territorial disputes in the rest of the world, the case of Western Sahara, which Morocco took control in 1975 and which is not subject to the same treatment by the EU being one of them. "

Also this recalls the Arab boycott (inspired by the Nazi model) in respect of Israel established even before the existence of the State of Israel, coordinated by the League of Arab States in December 1945.

Why labelling Israeli goods and not Moroccan products manufactured in Western Sahara annexed and colonised?

And Danish products made in Greenland? Will they be labelled?

And the products of Ceuta and Melilla occupied by Spain?

And what about the products from Martinique, Guyane, Réunion, Corsica, Brittany, Basque country occupied by France?

And the products manufactured in the Turkish part of Cyprus colonised and annexed?

And those manufactured by the Chinese occupied Tibet?

Or the products manufactured in the occupied Dutch Guiana, the products Falklands Islands (Malvinas) occupied by England?

The EU prefers to import rapugees ["rapefugees"] and terrorists rather than Israeli tomatoes?

Targeting only Israel and ignoring the others is quite unbearable, but the EU does so with one voice having a good conscience, feeling of doing what is right and human. Before the war as it was thought in Germany that getting rid of the Jewish problem, it was for good.

The great humanists and defenders of EU human rights does not even attempt to justify its double standards against Israel.

Israel is so strong, and Europe, alas, so advanced in its self-destruction, that the Jews with their long history are likely to see European civlisation disappear like so many civilisations before it.

Pretending hypocritically to fight injustice by labeling, by putting again to humanity the idea of Jews as pariahs, Europeans are only encourage hatred and violence (in the name of justice!).

The Czech Republic, Hungary and Greece (which, interestingly, is the most antisemitic country in Europe according to the latest study by the ADL) have rejected this discriminatory directive.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said
"This is an ineffective instrument, irrational and that do not contribute to a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but causes damages."
Czech MP Robin Böhnisch, denounced these measures.
"The argument of the European Commission that the guidelines are a service for European consumers is absurd. It is obviously intended to put Israel under pressure, and at a time that requires a meticulous political activism rather than awkward.
 The creation of the European Economic Community was founded on the idea that we cannot achieve peace and security as trade, economic cooperation and employment creation - not by boycotts and isolation. The same is true for Israelis and Palestinians ".
The EU claims to be fighting against racism and discrimination; since the Amsterdam Treaty ( 1999) yet it does nothing to protest, for example, the massacres of Christians.
The purpose of this labeling directive is intended to reduce the Jewish nation, to press home the shameful trope, via each label, that Israel is a colonial villain , a thief of lands*.

(Permitted for Publication with the following: © Jean Vercors

*On the latter point (adds Daphne) readers may be interested to see what Ari Briggs, of Regavim, tells J-Wire here 

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  1. Israel should create a legal vehicle to make a brass plate address in Yesha for every single Israel corporation. Every single one. Let the EU decide if they can do w/o everything they happily use that comes from Israel that way.


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