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Wednesday 8 July 2015

"Cruel & Very Grim" in Gaza: Insufferable Anti-Israel Bias On Australia's National Broadcaster

"Food is scarce," says Fran Kelly
Hadar Sela of BBCWatch, we need to clone you and bring your alter ego to Australia to run ABCWatch, monitoring Australia's publicly-funded "national broadcaster".

I don't know whether this interview can be heard outside Australia, but if it is, I've no doubt you will get a sense of shock if you can hear this one-sided interview.  You'll no doubt get a sense of déjà vu too, since the unconscionable bias displayed is very reminiscent of the BBC's bias against Israel.  (I dare say a transcript will eventually be available here.)

In it, the ABC's Fran Kelly, having informed listeners that "the situation [in Gaza] is cruel and very grim, " that "food is scarce," and so on, proceeds to interview Conny Lenneberg of World Vision International, an NGO whose Jerusalem/West Bank/Gaza branch is described as follows (inter alia) by NGO Monitor (see that site for more and for supporting links to statements):

"Food is scarce ..."
'Partners with Grassroots Jerusalem, which has “become one of World Vision’s strongest advocacy partners.” Grassroots Jerusalem is a vocal supporter of BDS (boycotts, divestments and sanctions) campaigns and frequently uses demonizing rhetoric against Israel....
Promotes a highly politicized and biased agenda, placing sole blame for the continuation of the conflict on Israel and paying little attention to legitimate Israeli security concerns or Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians.
Endorsed a film, With God on Our Side, which attacks Christian support for Israel and presents an “anti-Jewish theology” and “biased misunderstanding of ‘Jews,’ ‘Zionist,’ and ‘Israel.’” The film has been condemned as being “biased, simplistic and factually incorrect.”
 Issued a joint statement on November 19, 2012, with 44 other highly politicized organizations, calling on the international community to “apply immediate pressure on the government of Israel” and warning of a “widespread humanitarian disaster in Gaza brought on by a prolonged [Israeli] military occupation.” 
Exploits the suffering of Palestinian children in order to launch political attacks against Israel: On April 4, 2013, published an article, using manipulative and emotionally charged language, claiming that Palestinian “children are afraid to go to class” and “don’t feel safe” in school due to “violence by Israeli soldiers, including… shooting, throwing of teargas canisters and spraying wastewater onto village lands.”
Claims that every year “hundreds of Palestinian children are arrested by the Israeli military in the occupied Palestinian territory… in areas of particularly high tension such as an illegal Israeli settlement or in Palestinian villages that have land confiscated by the Separation Barrier.”
"Food is scarce..."
Sponsored ten Palestinian children in Gaza who were “given cameras to simply take photos of their lives,” claiming that the photos provide a “glimpse into the everyday lives of children – lives that are shaped and influenced by the ongoing Israeli blockade”.
 Issued a press release on November 22, 2012, alleging that “Children in Gaza are particularly vulnerable” and that “the people of Gaza have nowhere to go to escape violence, due to continued restrictions on movement and ongoing Israeli blockade.”
 In an April 2012 article in the Huffington Post, president of World Vision, Richard Stearns, falsely accused Israel of restricting Palestinian Christians from attending Easter services in Jerusalem. Former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren wrote an article in response, saying that “any Christian from the West Bank can reach Jerusalem on Good Friday and Easter” and that “All allegations to the contrary are flagrantly untrue and represent a reckless attempt to defame the Jewish state.”
 Promotes Palestinian propaganda in UN frameworks: On November 29, 2007, the director of international relations for World Vision, Thomas Getman, spoke in Geneva, using highly manipulative and emotionally charged rhetoric, which, according to UN Watch, “sought to promote hatred of Israel among the delegates.”
"Food is scarce ..."
Needless to say, Fran Kelly did not provide listeners with any hint of World Vision's skewed agenda.

Speaking from Nicosia, Lenneberg was given ample time to put the boot into Israel, with no countervailing balance from anyone else, but with plenty of encouragement from Fran Kelly, who at one point declared: "I get a sense of shock talking to you..."

Yes, the "situation is cruel and very grim".  I mean the situation that prevails in an organisation that, like the BBC itself, is bound to impartiality by the terms of its Charter but which flouts its leftist prejudice every day.

Listeners who believe in fairness and balance will get a sense, if not of shock, then certainly of disgust listening to Kelly.

Just as they would have a year ago when this ex-Israeli Israel-demoniser (remember him here?) appeared on Kelly's slot to expound his highly contentious and marginal views about Israeli society.


  1. This is Roots Fine dining and Country Club where Gazan society types rub shoulders with Human Rights NGOs . No shortage of food going by this video


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