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Monday 6 July 2015

Been & Seen On The Streets of London (includes video)

At left is the link to a report in an Israeli newspaper regarding the squalid anti-Jewish demo held in central London on the 4th of July.

The commenter, one of the friends of Stephen Sizer (remember him?) on Facebook, has form in making anti-Jewish statements, notoriously in a spiteful little screed to the Jewish Chronicle itself back in 2007.  Stephen Pollard, the paper's editor, used the screed as an example of the malevolence that lies behind the BDS movement.

The 4th of July demo, as many readers will know, was due to have taken the form of a march through the London suburb of Golders Green, led by vile young neo-Nazi antisemite called Joshua Bonehill, who on his repugnant racist blog and elsewhere promised his followers: "We're going to have an absolute gas".

It was stymied owing to a groundswell of outrage and opposition on the part of the Jewish community and others, and moved to central London (authorities were powerless to ban it altogether) so that it was easier to police.

As the intrepid British pro-Israel blogger Edgar Davidson noted:
'It seems like the only thing of concern to British Jews at the moment is next week's planned demonstration by a handful of neo-Nazis in Golders Green to "end the Zionist occupation of Britain". Never before has the community been so united.'
Many congratulations to those who stood firm against the march are of course in order.  But Davidson also writes :
'While the people behind the demo are clearly despicable attention-seeking antisemites deliberately trying to provoke trouble, I am somewhat bemused as to why this tiny piece of antisemitic theatre has so grabbed the attention of the Jewish community. On almost every day of the week on the streets of the UK there are much better planned and coordinated displays of antisemitism that use exactly the same pretext as the one planned in Golders Green (i.e. 'ending the Zionist occupation'). Just look at the future events on websites of organisations like the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Socialist Workers Party, the UK Boycott Israel Campaign, and the dozens of other trade unions and students associations.
 These events range from weekly (and even daily) protests against shops and businesses with any connection to Israel and those selling Israeli products through to protests to stop any Israeli performer from appearing or any person at all speaking in public in support of Israel. Often they are quite elaborate, lavishly funded pieces of real street theatre with the sole intention of convincing normal Brits that Israeli Jews are the most demonic and evil people in the world. Every one of these events has more antisemitic participants than the number likely to turn up in Golders Green. And, of course, these events pale into insignificance when compared to the daily mass (often violent) rallies of antisemitic hatred that fill the streets of London whenever Israel dares to defend itself from terrorist attacks....
What it comes down to is that Britain's 'official Jews' feel comfortable demonstrating against anti-semitism when the proponents are white racists, but will not get involved when the proponents - - in far greater numbers - are Muslims and socialists....'
Speaking of "street theatre" in London, here's an old ( I mean a young old) friend of ours, attired as we've never seen him before, eliciting some ignorant anti-Israel comments from passers-by:

Also on the streets of London, the menacing sight of a man draped in an Isis flag, with a kid on his shoulders waving a similar item in miniature, strolling  near Parliament.  He was stopped by police, according to this report, but they let him and his flags go on their way unhindered (h/t Vlad Tepes blog):


  1. Britain should start a marketing program in Syria to bring back all their wayward terrorists. For free, with no consequences.

    1. Lawks, Trudy! There are already enough "asylum seekers" reaching Greece and Italy who then cross to Calais where they try to hide in vehicles going across the Channel Tunnel. A terrible situation that's now out of hand.

    2. like this bugger (Daily Mail link)


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