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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Sunday 30 November 2014

They Don't Like It Up 'Em! British BDSers "steal" Jill the pro-Israel poster girl

Like its counterpart across the Irish Sea, the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign exhibits an especially virulent strain of the antisemitic anti-Zionism virus.

This weekend, like the anti-Israel movement in English cities (take a look here) as well as here (some familiar as-a-Jews and others in this Alex Seymour/Seymour Alexander video, where the "apartheid" slur is freely made, and in which the London constabulary breaks up the party in the end)

 it's been staging anti-Israel marches in s number of Scottish localities, as seen, for instance, in these sample photographs:

We all know what that so-called "right of return"demanded on this banner held by allied marchers would entail for Israel (and just look at that logo), while the stupid analogy with events in Ferguson has been imported from leftist ratbags across the Herring Pond, and has been further inspired, it seems, by the following cartoon that the Scottish PSC posted on social media:

On hand as usual in Brighton to counter the Israel-haters there was Jill the Poster Girl from Sussex Friends of Israel.

It seems Jill is really getting under the haters' skin.  Certainly, they are unable to refute the good sense contained in Jill's that they've photoshopped it with a pathetic hate-motivated message of their own.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", as the old saying goes.

And, as a certain Home Guard corporal used to say in a certain British sit com: "They don't like it up 'em!"

Carry on, Jill!

As a reviewer of an important new book entitled The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel remarks, inter alia, in his review here,
"[T]o single out the Jewish state for boycotting, while ignoring every other state on the planet engaged in human rights violations generally far, far worse than those allegedly committed by Israel – many of them Islamic states – is antisemitism in the nastiest, most odious, most deplorable sense of the term.  No amount of disingenuous obfuscation will change this fact.  On the contrary, most advocates of BDS are virtually apologists for the incalculably greater record of human rights violations carried out in the Third World, and especially in the Islamic world...."
Meanwhile, Sussex Friends of Israel have been showing the haters up as usual.

Good on yah, lads and lasses!

Update: Jill's famous! The Israel-haters have also got a spoof site about our heroine, here (Hat tip: Shirlee) Oh, how well you're doing, Jill, to have such an impact upon their tiny hate-filled minds.

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  1. Sussex Friends of Israel are brilliant can't their success be copied in other counties?


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