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Tuesday 25 November 2014

"Rupert Murdoch ... Is A Zionist Jew" & Other Fables: As told by a British party leader

Pippa Bartolotti  is the fanatically anti-Israel leader of the Wales Green Party.  She stood unsuccessfully for leadership of the Green Party of England and Wales in 2012 in succession to the equally anti-Israel Caroline Lucas, and, again unsuccessfully, for the European Parliament in this year's May elections.

Ms Bartolotti's speeches to the Welsh Greens (see the opening words of one in the link above, for instance) often include references to Israel, despite that having absolutely no relevance to green issues in Wales.

In the video at the foot of this post (a video which consists of a 65-minute demonisation of Israel) Ms Bartolotti centres the narrative of her recent address to an audience in Newport, Gwent, as a "fundraiser evening" for the Gwent Greens,  entitled "Why Gaza?" largely on her participation in the "Viva Palestina" convoy of 2010.

Here's one of the many photographs that she shows to her audience; it was taken when the convoy passed through Turin:

She also displayed a photo of herself with the "Pace"flag she acquired in Italy, but had the good sense to leave this photo, of herself and the flag of an expansionist Syrian party which was inspired by Nazi symbolism, at home.

Ms Bartolotti's speech contains a number of howlers and half-truths: I nearly entitled this post "Pro-Palestinian politician Pippa picks a pack of pickled porkies" but on reflection I decided that sounds too flippant, for what she is feeding her audience is no laughing matter.

And it's not only in the use of those mendacious maps:

For example:

At about  3:08 she declares, regarding the United Nations of 1947: "The UN, as it is now [!!!], was dominated by Western Powers" 

At about 3:34, with no reference to Israel's invasion by five Arab armies hell-bent on its destruction, she declares that "the so-called War of Independence ... was a very bloody one-sided affair" (with Israel the sole baddie, of course)

At about 6:50 the spin about the Nakba begins, with the Arabs are described as "the indigenous population" and nothing said about how they were duped by their leaders into fleeing their homes ... As throughout, the Arabs are squeaky clean, the Israelis the villains ...

At about 9:29 A reference to Menachem Begun in a peculiar pronunciation (a soft g); can it be that the speaker is not so very au fait with Israeli history after all?

At about 9:40 we have Ariel Sharon blamed for the Sabra and Shatila massacre as if he carried it out

At about 14:21 regarding the Mavi Marmara affair, no context regarding the IHH nor of the vicious beating of Israeli personnel: "It was completely unnecessary to kill anyone let alone ten people"

At about 29:55 A description of the plight of Palestinian refugees in Syria as if their status after all these years is Israel's fault, with nothing said about the Arab rejectionist nations' deliberate policy of using the Arabs who left Israel as pawns ...

At about 43:12 "You have to remember that the Zionist lobby in America is very strong"

At about 50:27, relating to a certain allegedly all-powerful cabal, a howler regarding a certain pro-Israel media mogul of non-Jewish descent on both sides: "Rupert Murdoch ... is a Zionist Jew ..."

At  about 4:23: Hamas is "labelled a terrorist group which is rather strange really"

At about 38:54: "Hamas ... is practically Dad's Army"

And at about 52:20: "They [Hamas] are not a terrorist group"

At about 1:00:59: An off-the-cuff tribute to busy busy busy anti-Israel activist Elizabeth Morley for her letter-writing campaigns alleging wait for it! pro-Israel bias on the part of the BBC.  (This, by the way, is the Elizabeth Morley, of the Aberystwyth Palestinian Solidaity Campaign branch, who, against avowed PSC policy, is not averse to posting links from the antisemitic online Redress such as this grubby piece of racism by Stuart Littlewood):

At 1:02, despite exhortations to BDS as a means to a "proper peace"

commendation of a one-state solution that entails the eradication of Israel from the map: Gaddafi's statement was "eminently sensible":

"A very bloody one-sided affair" indeed.

 Here is the entire video, in the unlikely event that anyone wishes to endure all 65 minutes of it:


  1. Still trying to get over the first slide describing Gaza as an independent democracy. Who knew?

  2. er no, do not want to waste time watching the video, thanks for reporting on it though, very depressing stuff.

  3. Rupert Murdoch is descended from the famous Professor Walter Murdoch

    1. Collaterally - Rupert's father Keith was Walter's nephew. Elizabeth Murdoch, Rupert's mother, was not Jewish either.

  4. We tend to counter lies with facts but don't realise that facts are irrelevant. The only relevant thing is repeating the lie as often and publicly as possible.


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