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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Thursday 21 August 2014

"If We Abandon Israel Today Then One Day – Too Late – We Will Realise That ... What We Abandoned Was Ourselves"

"I love you Douglas Murray. You speak the truth no matter how unpopular that truth is."
Thus writes a lady of discernment, one Persephone Jones.
"Thank you Douglas and thank you the Daily Express. I am hopeful that the penny is finally dropping and that people will now start to join up the dots. The UK stands at the forefront of a tsunami of terror that is about to hit and that it is ill prepared for. This is 1939 all over again. No, I am not being dramatic. We, along with the rest of the Judeo/Christian world are in imminent and terrible danger. Just like 1939 we cannot face the blindingly obvious and are paralyzed by fear - because we refuse to
accept the ghastly truth that we have over 2 million Muslims living in this country and we don't know what they are really thinking. We know something doesn't feel right and we simply don't know what to do.
I do not fear for Israel - of all countries they know exactly who their enemy is and how to confront them. Maybe they will in the end save our civilization, despite their vilification at the hand of their so called friends. Maybe not.
Either way it is the UK that is in real trouble and the rise in Islamic inspired anti-semitism is the first sign of it."
Thus, quite understandably, writes somebody else.

They are among the commenters on a typically courageous and perspicacious article (on the menace posed to all of us by "the black flag of jihad") by the British pundit Douglas Murray that appears today's Daily Express.

In it, Murray, deploring the antisemitism that Operation Protective Edge has unleashed, observes inter alia:
'There are those who think that Israel is somehow the cause of the world’s problems, or that in defending themselves from Islamic extremists Israel is somehow causing Islamic extremism. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The extremists of Hamas are the ideological bedfellows of the extremists of ISIS who are rampaging through Syria and Iraq, crucifying and beheading as they go....
They also share the exact same ideology – if not yet the same means – as those people who were found in Birmingham earlier this year teaching British pupils to hate wider British society and cut themselves off from non-Muslims.
Hyde Park, London
 But it is this last part of the equation which many people seem so incapable of dealing with. They see the millions of Muslims who have come to our continent and see how many of them are radical. But it is a problem they fear they cannot deal with....
... The problem of anti-Semitism, and Islamic anti-Semitism in particular today, is undoubtedly a problem for Jewish people. But it is only a problem for them first. It is a problem for all of us next.What is it that lies behind this terrible Hamas-driven rage against Israel?  What lies behind the desire for Israel to disappear? Today the world is finding out.  
Wakefield, Yorkshire
Because behind the flags of Hamas and Hezbollah which have flown at anti-Israel demonstrations in recent weeks is another flag. The black flag of jihad – the black flag most recently being waved in Iraq and Syria by ISIS....
The ambition of the jihadists – from al-Qaeda to Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram and more – is to subjugate the entire world. ...
 [I]f we abandon Israel today then one day – too late – we will realise that in fact what we abandoned was ourselves."

See all of Murray's compelling article here


  1. douglas murray a stalwart defender of israel in britain, just as you are in australia, much thanks for my very favorite blog, sincerely and thanks cry4dance

    1. I sincerely appreciate the compliment! It gives me encouragement.


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