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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Jew-Loathing in the Lucky Country

The intrepid Australian pro-Israel activist and blogger Shirlee Finn has written a first-hand account of an anti-Israel rally in downtown Sydney on the weekend, an account which makes no concessions to political correctness.

What she describes doesn't sound half as horrific as this truly worrisome account of Jew-hatred in Paris. No seething mob of hate-filled Islamists bent on violence and rampage broke away from the main event as happened in the capital of what might nowadays be loosely called France.

But what occurred in Sydney does suggest that, as in London and other "cosmopolitan" cities around the world, Jew-hatred is being fuelled by certain types of immigrants abetted by mainly leftist fanatics, and in a land where antisemitism has always been, comparatively speaking, historically low (not least because Jews have been in this land since the first day of European settlement and because Sir John Monash, the great citizen-soldier who led our forces in the First World War, was a Jew) this is a disturbing development.

'I decided, against my better judgement and curiosity, to attend a pro-Gaza rally in the city on Sunday 13th July with a friend', begins Shirlee,'but let’s forget that for the moment.
The night before, Saturday,  I and a few other Israel supporters, were posting on the Facebook page for this rally. The ignorance of these pro-Palestinian supporters defies belief, they don’t know the most basic facts. It doesn’t take long to realise this has really has nothing to do with being pro anything, but all about being anti.
Antisemitic that is.
I experienced something I have only heard about. I and others were verbally attacked with antisemitic comments, though mainly me. I cannot begin to tell you how sick I felt and still do. Feeble word I know, but there are no words to describe how I feel. I am still churning inside. Never in my life did I expect this in our beautiful country where, apparently, multiculturalism has been a great success.!!
Here are  a few of them. Only a few I might add.
Your wife must be blind mate you’ve got a head like a smashed pumpkin you filthy Jewish dog… Go have a shower everyone knows u pigs only wash once a month.
Ze tooraaah … Why do u guys sound like that when u talk?? Like someone straining for a shit and coughing at the same time. Do us all a favor and go wobble back and forth reciting Satan’s manual and sticking your cocks in the wailing wall.
******** and ****** you scums of the earth get the out of here you scummy pigs. We don’t want jews in Australia go back to Europe so another Hitler can appear and finish you scums off. I don’t blame him for burning 6 million of you scums alive. You wanna know why youre the most hated religion on this planet? because god has labelled you as the prophet killers. He favoured jews over all his creation and all he asked for in return was their submission, but instead they boycotted and killed every prophet he sent them. You even killed Jesus (peace be upon him) you mutts!!!! so God sent down a verse saying “Become apes: Despised and Disgraced!”
With that out of the way, let’s get on with the rally.
When I arrived at Sydney Town Hall I was quite taken aback by the numbers of people there. Here I was in a sea of Arabs, keffiyehs, hijabs, niqabs, hamas headbands, Palestinian flags, Greens’ banners, black “flags of Jihad” and  good number of Hezbollah flag , which was surprising seeing as this was supposed to be about Gaza
I have to tell you I found the whole event frightening and very confronting. I was not comfortable, far from it. The anger, the rage, the hate was overwhelming and I really was quite scared.
I was especially upset to see tiny children dressed in Hezbollah flags, Hamas outfits with headbands too, draped in keffiyehs and pumping the air with their fists yelling
 “Death to Israel” “Down, down with Israel”  “Israel, Israel, who can’t hide, you support genocide” and the original “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” '
Read the rest, with its revealing photographs, here

And on the west coast of Australia:


  1. My friend "Skipping Girl" in Perth was there.
    I think she has a death wish. She went with an Israeli flag.
    She said she had to run for her life when they went to attack her. She sais there were about 350 people. She is going to the Melbourne one this week

    1. How awful! I hope she knows all the escape routes.

  2. For better or worse this sort of thing tends to be self correcting in the long run. Eventually they all revert back to the Dark Ages where literacy and science, reason, medicine, law, tolerance are all thrown away and some fat pasha on a throne of skulls gets to rule with an iron fist replete with atrocities, rape and cannibalism. We'll see a return of the good old days of Muhammed with slavery, oppression, fantastically high child death rates, disease, famine and dynastic feudalism. A great returning to a pre modern age that the radical greens have pined for. Meanwhile we'll be over here standing point on the parapets waiting for the barbarians and operating kosher delis on the moon.


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