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Wednesday 16 July 2014

"BBC, Shame On You! BBC, Tell The Truth!" (video)

Observers could be forgiven for thinking that Al Beeb deliberately resorts to the proverbial Rent-a-Crowd industry to ensure that mobs like this rant and rave against –  wait for it! –  BBC bias towards Israel in order to be able to tell pesky Zionist complainants (as indeed it does) that since complaints also come in from the other side, the Corporation must be getting its reportage of the Israel-Islamist Conflict Arab-Israeli Conflict "just about right".

But Al Beeb is paying its fat cats such unwarrantably inflated salaries (at the expense of the hapless licence payer, of course) and wasting licence payers' money on all sorts of gimmicks and initiatives well beyond its remit that it couldn't possible have money left over to fund a mob as big as this one, outside the BBC's Broadcasting House headquarters in London's Portland Place yesterday evening.

Needless to say, directing this mob to BBCWatch (which comprehensively exposes Al Beeb's sins against Israel day after day after day, including of course during the present Operation Protective Edge) and other sites that highlight the many and varied ways in which the BBC propagandises against Israel by sins of commission and omission (see my blogroll)  would not open the hate-filled protesters' eyes.

Further footage (this is by Alex Seymour aka Seymour Alexander); note the names of the BBC reporters the crowd yells out!:

 See here for the subsequent antics of a breakaway group.

And see here for more initiatives targeting Al Beeb organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Update: And see my next post.


  1. Daphne

    Have a look at what happened to my friend who happened to be shopping in Oxford Street after the demonstrators left the BBC:

    1. Dreadful, Edgar. It reminds me of what happened to a friend of Shirlee's who dared to hold an Israeli flag as a crowd of Israel-haters passed by. Some of them went after her, and she had to sprint to safety.

    2. Forgot to say: I've done a short post linking to yours about Charlotte.

    3. Shirlee's friend was set upon in Perth, WA. Sorry, I'm not fully awake yet. It's breakfast time in Oz.

    4. Daphne,
      Thanks for the link. Central London is a no go area at the moment if you don't fancy bumping into hordes of people screaming Zionist murderers somewhere. The media is really whipping it up - curiously led by Murdoch's Sun (I am preparing an aritcle about that). People have complained about the BBC and Guardian coverage but by far the worse has been the Sun and it reaches many more people.

    5. I shall certainly be interested to read that, Edgar. I had no idea about The Sun. Murdoch is famously pro-Israel. I wonder what he thinks about that and whether he even knows.

  2. A great animation of all the rocket strikes



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