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Thursday 17 July 2014

"Don't Be A Jew in London"

This is a postscript to my previous post, which shows a feral mob of Israel-haters marching through the streets of what is not termed without reason "Londonistan" (and to which I've just added extra, newly issued, footage).
'As they passed by with their disgusting chants I said 'Why are the Palestinians firing rockets at my daughter in Tel Aviv?' At that point they cried out "get her" and several of them left the march and came on to the pavement. They surrounded me, pushing and yelling Jew/Zionist/murderer/thief. One of them stole my phone, but a steward who witnessed what happened was able to recover it 5 minutes later. I was shaking and my neck now hurts. It was awful for me - how is this possible in Oxford Street in 2014?.
That's what happened to a diminutive, fifty-something Jewish lady named Charlotte, in a city in which Jews have lived (following the expulsion of 1290) openly since the Cromwellian Interregnum and the subsequent reign of Charles II, integrating with their fellow citizens and contributing their full part to the wider society.  It is a part which might astonish even Jews themselves, so large and diverse it has been.

The ugly incident relating to Charlotte is publicised by her friend, blogger Edgar Davidson, who remarks, beneath the photo I reproduce above that comes from his site:
"Don't be a Jew in London. Note the antisemites' banners are prepared by the Socialist Party" 
and goes on to point out:
'The police have now allowed 4 violent anti-Israel demonstrations in central London in the last 2 weeks and another massive one is planned for Saturday... That one is being led by the "Stop the War Campaign" - ironic given that it is the Palestinians today who decided that they did not want to stop the war under any conditions after Israel agreed to a ceasefire. Also ironic given that the "Stop the War Campaign" (which was originally set up to oppose the war in Iraq) has not managed to hold a single demonstration against the war in Syria (200,000 dead in 3 years), the current one in Iraq (100,000 dead in the last 6 months) or the myriad of other conflicts around the world where Islamists are murdering people every day in the name of their religion.'
 Please read all of Edgar Davidson's post

And don't overlook his latest, which shows how despite being in the Murdoch stable Britain's tabloid Sun newspaper (the rag that's arguably most notorious for its decades-long grubby sexism in the shape of Page Three topless girls) has been helping to whip up prejudice against Israel; as Edgar says, this is especially significant, since the Sun has a far wider audience than the Guardian ...


  1. Carry a small can of spray paint and get them in the eyes. It's not illegal to carry, anywhere.

  2. More media bias. The ghastly Jon Snow hectors Mark Regev -

  3. Murdoch's Sky News also seems to have taken a turn for the worse, following the standard anti-Israel line of the BBC etc.

    Where is Tim Marshall? I haven't seen him for a while.

  4. Hi Daphne, I also wrote about the fair i attended which was to counter the Palestine Solidarity Campaign: I have not quoted the owner of the stall who was attacked as a baby murderer (she is retired and quite a gentle soul) or some of the other vile comments that were made. In any case, the link to my article is below:

  5. Not specifically to this subject - but come to think of it, it's all interconnected when it comes to Jew Hatred: Here is an advice how we can help Israel via our keyboard, in the hashtag war, it makes sense:

  6. Hi Daphne, I live in London and witnessed the protests and I didn't see any of this violence you speak of so I did a little research and couple find one UK newspaper or media outlet who reported violence. Do you mind sharing where you got your info from?

    Also I have lived in London my whole life and have never heard the term Londonistan.

  7. Roko, the info about the assault or attempted assault on Charlotte comes from Edgar Davidson's blog (linked to in the post). While not, perhaps, coined by Melanie Phillips, the term "Londonistan" has been popularised by her. It's frequently used in these contexts.

    1. Londonistan is a racist term and your argument and the information you post will always be one sided incorrect and biased.

  8. I recommend Melanie Philips as one of the most clear-sighted writers on the - by now global - problem of Jew-Hatred pushed by the so-called "Palestinians" , perverted (or silenced) by the largely pro-islamic media and the cowardly/corrupt and opportunistic political "leaders". She wrote the book "Londonistan" in 2006 - a true Cassandra. I also highly recommend her book "The world upside down".


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