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Tuesday 22 April 2014

"Zionists Are taking Over The Canadian Government"

Earlier this month Israel, having already released numerous very ruthless characters with blood on their hands,  announced that it would not, after all, release the final batch of Palestinian prisoners due to be set at liberty under the terms of a controversial undertaking aimed at kick-starting the peace process.

In consequence, a variety of anti-Israel chants, with Netanyahu being compared to Hitler, have been heard in splendidly pro-Israel prime minister Stephen Harper's Canada over the past few days, from protesters waving the Palestinian flag (not a maple leaf in sight, apparently) and Elias Hazineh (he's the guy who last year told an "A' Quds day" rally in Toronto that Israeli Jews  refusing to leave "Palestine" should be shot) was on hand to enthuse the crowd.

Jonathan Halevi explains:
'The Palestine House marked the “Palestinian Political Prisoners' Day” in series of events, including a demonstration in front of the Israeli consulate in Toronto (April 17, 2014) [video clip here], vigil dedicated to Palestinian political prisoners in front of the Israeli consulate (April 18), panel discussion and a movie screening at United Steelworkers Hall (April 19) and letter writing night at Beit Zatoun (April 20).
The demonstration was organized with coordination with the following organizations Beit Zatoun (a cultural and activism centre in Toronto purporting “to explore issues of social justice and human rights, both locally and internationally”), Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA), Canada Palestine Association (CPA), International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN), Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), Not In Our Name (NION), Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QUAIA), Stop the War Coalition (STWC), United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine/Israel (UNJPPI), Women in Solidarity with Palestine (WSP)....
 The demonstrators, who gathered (April 17) in front of the Israeli consulate in Toronto, demanded the immediate release of ALL Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli jails. They described them as “political prisoners” and “our heroes” ....
Elias Hazineh, former President of the Palestine House, attended the demonstration. He warned the Canadians of the Zionist menace to Canada by saying loudly the following:
“Zionists are taking over Canada. They are taking over our government. Zionism is racism and they are taking over our government. Zionism is racism. Zionists are taking over our government. Zionists are taking over the Canadian government. Zionists are taking over the Canadian government. The Zionist movement is a racist movement. It is taking over our government. The Zionists are taking over our government. The Zionists are taking over our government. Be careful, wake up Canada, wake up, Zionists are taking over the country.” ....'
 For much more, on both the protesters and some of the "political" prisoners they support (including the mass murderer serving 67 life sentences who first practised his deadly skills by blowing the head off an already-abused donkey) see Jonathan Halevi's graphic post here
 (Hat tip: reader Shirlee)

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