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Friday 25 April 2014

"If Sharia Law Ever Were To Formally Become Part of Our Legal System It Would Not Exit That Legal System Quietly": A British lawyer's chilling warning

Rejoice, rejoice!  (And if you're female, dance a jig.)  A fightback has begun in Britain against the creeping inroads of the Islamic injustice system.  Britain's bulldog spirit is not yet dead! At least not on the part of some of the country's best and brightest, a number of whom (and this comes as no surprise, given the inferior status of women in Islamic law and practice) are female.

Yesterday, on the premises of the British House of Lords, a crucial new initiative called "Sharia Watch UK" was launched, and not before time.

As reported here (where several useful relevant links such as this are posted):
'The new organisation will campaign for recognition of the dangers posed by sharia law in the UK, particularly in relation to women’s rights.... The event was hosted by Baroness Caroline Cox who has campaigned against the use of sharia law in tribunals and councils across the UK.  Lady Cox has argued that sharia law “undermines the most fundamental principles of equality enshrined in British law” in respect of its treatment of women.
The new Sharia Watch UK web resource aims to highlight the impact of Islamism in Britain, and the often hidden face of is proponents.  Sharia tribunals and councils currently operate a system of family law in the UK which denies women unilateral divorce rights – even in cases of domestic violence.  Sharia family law also denies child custody to women and treats their testimony as worth less than that of their husbands....
Sharia Watch UK will show the public, and our political leaders, the extent of the threat that sharia and Islamic extremism pose to the rights and freedoms of women, freedom of speech, and democratic principles....'
 Concurrent with the launch, a report entitled "Sharia Law – Britain’s Blind Spot", has appeared:
 'It]analyses the beliefs of apparently “mainstream” Muslim organisations and argues that such beliefs represent an extremist view and should be regarded as such.  Some of the senior figures involved in these groups advocate not only sharia law, but “jihad” against non-Muslims.  Furthermore, they express a desire for a full Islamic state – including barbaric punishments – in Britain.  Such groups have been represented as “moderate” and endorsed by the legacy media and mainstream public figures.'
At the launch of the new initiative, Charlie Klendjian, Secretary of the Lawyers' Secular Society (LSS)  made an impressive must-read speech, in which he noted inter alia:
".... Political Islam, a crucial plank of which is sharia law, presents what we can calmly describe as “a unique set of challenges” for the 21st century.
Sharia law is perhaps the most serious political, legal, moral and social issue we face – and when I say “we” I do not mean lawyers, or secularists, but sadly humanity itself.
I am very pleased that this group has been set up, and with the participation of parliamentarians, because a political response is sorely needed to what is essentially a political threat, and a very grave one, to our way of life.
To the extent there’s any consensus on sharia law amongst our politicians at the present time it’s a consensus, at best, of collective head‐burying in sand and at worst, a consensus of positively encouraging and facilitating sharia law; of giving it the oxygen it craves.
This worrying trend must be reversed, and at some tempo, and I hope today might be the beginning of that process ....
Through the work of Baroness Cox and Anne Marie Waters, and many other fine individuals, we have seen the mayhem that sharia law is already creating in our jurisdiction – and remember, this is when it has the status of theology.
We know that women and children routinely have their fundamental legal rights violated in sharia councils, be it because of duress, because of an inequality of bargaining power, or because of a simple ignorance of their rights under English law. And so we can ask another question: “If this is the mayhem created when sharia law has the status of theology, dare we imagine what kind of mayhem it might create as law?"....
Make no mistake, if sharia law ever were to formally become part of our legal system it would not exit that legal system quietly. Indeed, this country might even require some form of civil disorder or something akin to a violent revolution to remove sharia law from our legal system.
Once sharia law is formally within our legal system there will follow a process of contagion to other areas of our legal system.
This is as inevitable as day following night.
It will spread to the criminal law.
And to those who dismiss these fears as pie‐in‐the‐sky, tabloid scare‐mongering, or “illinformed”, and who say, “Charlie, this could never happen, you’re just being silly now”, I say this: I didn’t think the Law Society would issue Sharia guidance on how to discriminate against women and non‐Muslims. Did you?”....'  [Emphasis added]
 Read all of Charlie Klendjian's important, admirable, courageous speech here


  1. Although, I agree that Sharia should be banned, I'm not happy about the 'and faith-based laws'. Are they expecting to disestablish the CofE? This would be a major constitutional change and isn't necessary. Do they want to get of of laws derived from the Ten Commandments? Will they class the Beth Din in the same group as Sharia and try to eliminate Kosher food? The 'and faith based' sounds egalitarian and says that Islam is a not a target per se, but it is totalitarian and targets all faiths except atheist secularism.

    Faith is not the problem, Islam is.

  2. I know how you feel, Ian.
    The fact is, however, that the new initiative, unlike the pne pictured, seems (if I'm not much mistaken) concerned solely with the encroachments of Sharia.


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