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Sunday 2 March 2014

Yes, Virginia, The Imposition of Dhimmitude Does Still Exist ...

If you thought the Islamic system of dhimmitude died with the last gasp of the Ottoman Empire, think again.

As the BBC reported briefly, a formal treaty of dhimmitude has been imposed on those Christians still remaining in the Syrian city of Raqqa by occupying forces calling themselves ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Greater Syria), who had earlier sent numerous Christians fleeing the city with its terror campaign of burning churches:
'A jihadist group in Syria has demanded that Christians in the northern city of Raqqa pay a levy in gold and accept curbs on their faith, or face death.
[ISIS] said it would give Christian residents "protection" if they agreed to the list of conditions....
Raqqa, seized by ISIS last year, was the first provincial capital to be completely in the hands of rebels.
The directive from ISIS, citing the Islamic concept of "dhimma", requires Christians in the city to pay tax of around half an ounce (14g) of pure gold in exchange for their safety.
It says Christians must not make renovations to churches, display crosses or other religious symbols outside churches, ring church bells or pray in public.
Christians must not carry arms, and must follow other rules imposed by ISIS (also known as ISIL) on their daily lives.
The statement said the group had met Christian representatives and offered them three choices - they could convert to Islam, accept ISIS' conditions, or reject their control and risk being killed.
"If they reject, they are subject to being legitimate targets, and nothing will remain between them and ISIS other than the sword," the statement said....'
Earlier, the Lebanese Daily Star reported that ISIS, which captured Raqqa last year:
'has issued a decree in the northern city of Raqqa changing the official weekend to Thursday and Friday instead of Friday and Saturday... The decree stated that Friday and Saturday is the weekend practice in “faithless countries,” the website reported. ISIS has imposed a strict form of Islam in Raqqa, enforcing the veil and banning cigarettes. They have doled out harsh punishments under Shariah courts for religious crimes, including beatings and executions....'
See also The Times of Israel here

Further details appeared yesterday in the Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon (hat tip: E.G.), showing, inter alia, the particular cruelty that these triumphalist Islamic demons demonstrate towards the female of the dhimmi species: Christian girls are being coerced into marrying jihadist fighters, Christian families are being warned not to withhold their daughters for this purpose, and already at least one Christian girl has committed suicide rather than submit to the fate of forcible marriage to a Tunisian Islamic warrior.

The abduction of Christian girls for the purpose of marriage to Islamists is a characteristic of the Jihad, as seen, for example, here and here and here

This is militant Islam rampaging and triumphant, yet there are far too many "feminists" in the Western world who turn a blind eye to it, and far too many Christians in the Western world who ignore it, along with all the other human rights abuses in Islamic countries, preferring to bash Israel day after day after day.

And make no mistake: the imposition of dhimmitude on the conquered is not an ambition confined to ISIS.

 As reported in 2006 (hat tip: D.G.):
'... It is a fear that took shape after the electoral victory of Hamas, not only in Bethlehem’s municipal elections, but also in those of other cities of Cisjordan: Nablus, Jenin, Qalqilya. A new style can already be seen in the municipalities where Hamas is installed: Christian women employed there, who are accustomed to shaking everybody’s hand, are held at a distance by the newly elected, for whom physical contact violates Islamic principles.
The general plan of Hamas also includes the imposition of a special tax, called al-jeziya, upon all of the non-Muslim residents in the Palestinian territories. This tax revives the one applied through all of Islamic history to the dhimmi, the second-class Jewish and Christian citizens.
In an interview with Karby Legget, published in the December 23-26 edition of “The Wall Street Journal,” Masalmeh, the leader of the Hamas contingent at the municipal council of Bethlehem, confirmed: “We in Hamas intend to implement this tax someday. We say it openly – we welcome everyone to Palestine but only if they agree to live under our rules.”'


  1. Brian Goldfarb3 March 2014 at 08:57

    Over at The Commentator ( - a UK based online paper) they have an article on this very topic: the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world ( I wanted to comment (but they don't appear to allow comments there) that this was because, with a very few, generally very elderly, exceptions, there weren't any Jews left in most Arab/Islamic lands.

    This left the Christians as the obvious targets. Otherwise they'd have to pick on the Sunni or the Shia or the Alawite, or whichever is the local Moslem minority...oh, you mean they already do that as well?!

    Who'd have thought it?


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