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Sunday 30 March 2014

Kerry’s Credibility Crashes As Abbas’s Intransigence Increases, Argues David Singer.

"Palestine – Kerry’s Credibility Crashes As Abbas’s Intransigence Increases" is the latest article by Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer.

He writes:

US Secretary of State John Kerry has seen his reputation and prestige shredded to tatters over the past few weeks. On 13 March Kerry told members of the House Foreign Relations committee that:
1. international law has already declared Israel a Jewish state, and
2. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s insistence on a public declaration of Israel’s Jewish character from the PLO was “a mistake” in the diplomatic process.
 Kerry also told a Senate panel:
“‘Jewish state’ was resolved in 1947 in Resolution 181 where there are more than 40-30 mentions of ‘Jewish state’. In addition, chairman Arafat in 1988 and again in 2004 confirmed that he agreed it would be a Jewish state. And there are any other number of mentions.”
PLO Chairman and President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas was unimpressed with Kerry’s knowledge of international law. On 16 March the New York Times reported:
'... Mr. Abbas, speaking before a meeting in the Oval Office, made clear that he was no closer to uttering the words that are a litmus test for the Israelis: that he recognizes Israel as a Jewish state.
“Since 1988, we have recognized international legitimacy resolutions” on Israel, Mr. Abbas said as Mr. Obama looked on, a hand on his chin. “And in 1993, we recognized the State of Israel.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that the Palestinians go further and recognize Israel as a nation-state for the Jewish people in order to get a peace deal. Mr. Abbas has flatly refused, and his comments on Monday suggested he had gone as far as he would.'
On 19 March Associate Professor of Journalism and Political Science at The City University of New York Peter Beinart [J Street's founder] provided this advice to Abbas:
“I have a suggestion for Mahmoud Abbas. The next time Benjamin Netanyahu demands that you recognize Israel as a “Jewish state,” tell him that you’ll agree on one condition. The Israeli cabinet must first agree on what “Jewish state” means. That should get you off the hook for a good long while.
Israel has never been able to define the term “Jewish state.”
The good professor was obviously unaware that the term “Jewish State” had been defined for the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine in evidence given by David Ben-Gurion on 7 July 1947:
“What is the meaning of a Jewish State? As I told you before, a Jewish State does not mean one has to be a Jew. It means merely a State-where the Jews are in the majority, otherwise all the citizens have the same status. If the State were called by the name “Palestine,” - I said if - then all would be Palestinian citizens If the State would be given, another name - I think it would be given another name - because Palestine is neither a Jewish nor an Arab name. As far as the Arabs are concerned, and we have the evidence of the Arab historian, Hitti, that there was no such a thing as “Palestine” at all: Palestine is not an Arab name. Palestine is also not a Jewish name. When the Greeks were our enemies, in order not to annoy the Jews, they gave different names to the streets. So, maybe the name of Palestine will be changed. But whatever the name of the country, every citizen of the country will be a citizen. This is what we mean. This is what we have to mean. We cannot conceive that in a State where we are not in a minority, where we have the main responsibilities as the majority of the country, there should be the slightest discrimination between a Jew and a non-Jew.”
Abbas rejected Beinart’s unsolicited advice for one simple reason – any state that contained the word “Jewish” or any suggestion of being Jewish would never be acceptable to Abbas. As Pinhas Inbari reported:

“On March 22, 2014, Abbas spoke before the Central Committee of the Fatah Movement. According to Nabil Abu Rodena, spokesman for the Palestinian Authority presidency, the Fatah body supported Abbas’ position of “non-recognition of Israel being a Jewish state.” The Palestinians did not release a complete text of Abbas’ Fatah speech.

At the Arab League summit in Kuwait on March 25, Abbas took this a step further. The official Arabic transcript of his speech before reveals how he has moved toward a more uncompromising diplomatic posture, opposing Israel’s stand that it be recognized as the nation-state of the Jewish people, just as it recognizes the Palestinian state as the nation-state of the Palestinian people:
“Israel has invented new conditions that it did not raise before, like recognizing it as a Jewish state. This we oppose as well as even holding a discussion on this matter.”
The Arab League was more than happy to oblige Abbas and rebuff Kerry  – its final communiqué at the summit’s close stating:
“We express our absolute and decisive rejection to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.”
Kerry  – left high and dry by this united show of Arab opposition to accepting what Kerry had trumpeted just 12 days earlier  – was suddenly forced to fly to Amman on 26 March to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah in the afternoon and Abbas in the evening.

As Kerry’s credibility crashes, Abbas’s intransigence in refusing to recognize Israel as the Jewish State increases – a certain recipe for diplomatic disaster.


  1. Good article re Beinart's J Street by Dershowitz:

  2. "Kerry's Credibility" - An Oxymoron.

    Question in Physics: Who can something which does not exist - "Crash"?

  3. Mr Abbas said: “Israel has invented new conditions that it did not raise before, like recognizing it as a Jewish state. This we oppose as well as even holding a discussion on this matter.” This is absolutely true, so I can't fathom what your problem is with Mr Abbas' statement. Up to 2007, Israel had never made such a request, which has no precedent in international diplomacy.

    The cartoon in this post asserts that Palestinians are saying "no" to a Jewish state. This is utterly inaccurate. Palestinians refuse to be the ones who decide the character of the State of Israel, but, rather, think it is up to Israel to define itself as it pleases.

    More to the point, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said to the Jerusalem Post, “if you change your name to ‘the Jewish state of Israel,’ we’ll call you that.” Can you ask for a clearer recognition than that? Maybe your anger should be directed to the Israelis who don't include the word "Jewish" in the official name of their state.

    See the full story here:

    1. Ibrahim

      Abbas is absolutely wrong in claiming the demand that Israel be recognized as the Jewish State is a new condition that Israel did not raise before 2007.

      Israel's acceptance of negotiating under the Bush Roadmap was
      conditioned on the following reservation:

      " In connection to both the introductory statements and the final settlement, declared references must be made to Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state and to the waiver of any right of return for Palestinian refugees to the State of Israel."

      On 23 May 2003 the United States Government committed to fully and seriously address Israel's above comments.

      Of course the concept of a Jewish National Home or State had been countenanced by the Mandate for Palestine since 1922, and a Jewish State was endorsed by the Peel Commission in 1937 and the UN Partition Plan in 1947.

      I wouldn't believe anything Erekat says. How many times has he resigned as PLO Chief Negotiator? He also said the April 29 deadline would not be extended under any circumstances.The man is all hot air.

    2. Schooled again Ibrahim

    3. Ian

      It is amazing that people like Ibrahim continue to make such deceptive and false statements hoping they will not be caught out.

      Whilst they get away with their lies - they will keep doing so.

      Ibrahim is obviously brainwashed in unquestioningly believing Abbas's and Erekat's false claims.

      Hopefully he will understand that he has been duped.

    4. Initially I forgot that Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf was the nom de hate of "Hasbara Buster" who is infamous for his outlandish lies.
      On EoZ he even claimed Simon Wiesenthal didn't have an arm tattoo.
      FYI his real name is Alberto Jose Miyara of Rosario, Argentina
      and he works at Facultad de Ingeniería - Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos.

    5. Interesting. what a fount of info you are, Ian.

  4. It has never, does not, and will never matter what the 'reasons' the Arabs have for anything are. They were never, are not and will never bargain, ever. About anything. So pick whatever reason you like, they're all equally silly. This is why perhaps it's useful to consider calling their bluff. Want all the prisoners' freed? Excellent. Empty the jails TODAY. And let the PLO work out in what order everyone will be paid to be a hero for life. Tell them you agree to everything, w/o even having heard it yet. Then ask stand back and watch them go nuts refusing it all.

  5. Great article by David Hazomy a few days ago:


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