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Thursday 20 March 2014

British Architects Make A BDS Move (updated; & further updated)

Former Royal Institute of British Architects president Angela Brady is to table has tabled the following motion at RIBA Council on 19 March (I guess the vote is taking place about now the vote has taken place, and it's not good news; here in Australia we are eleven hours ahead of Britain, and I'll update this post if I hear how the vote goes: UPDATE: RIBA Council voted to support suspension of the Israeli Association of United Architects by 23:16:10.  I assume the latter figure means abstentions):
"The Israeli Association of United Architects (IAUA) has paid no regard to the UIA Resolution 13 of 2005. The RIAS calls on the UIA, as the international guardian of professional and ethical standards in our profession, to take appropriate action. The UIA membership of the Israeli Association of United Architects should be suspended until these illegal projects end, and international law, the UIA Accords and Resolution 13 are observed."
In response, opponents of the move within the profession have sent the following email to the RIBA Council:
"Angela Brady’s motion to council against the IAUA is misguided and one-sided. 
While it is legitimate to criticise Israeli Government policy, it is dishonourable to single out Israeli Architects. 
There are architects in many parts of the world whom find themselves in conflict areas but are welcome in the IAU, making this motion discriminatory. 
A call to exclude the IAUA from the IAU would be a counter-productive move that would reinforce prejudices and encourage conflict, rather than supporting the very professionals that are best placed in the region to promote mutual understanding. 
Our energy should rather be focused on positive work that construction professionals can do to advance peace and coexistence. Many Israeli architects have used their experiences and knowledge to create projects that help the architectural community across the world, and we, as members of the RIBA, would like to see our international union building bridges/helping our fellow workers, not abandoning them. 
It is imperative not to transport the conflict in the Middle East into the architectural profession but rather use the profession and resources available to encourage dialogue and cooperation, especially during a time of peace talks.
Furthermore, the international committee has already stated that ‘it is beyond the role of the RIBA to push the IAU for a sanction against Israel’s architectural community.’...."
Read more here (and please alert me in a comment if you hear more details of how the vote went, with a link if possible).

Further update, from the report here:
'Former RIBA president Angela Brady’s motion, calling for the suspension of Israeli professional body from the International Architects Union (IAU), has been approved
The motion against the Israeli Association of United Architects (IAUA), which was tabled at RIBA Council yesterday (19 March), was carried by 23 votes in favour, with 16 against and 10 abstentions.
The move had already received the backing of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) last week, but had come under fire from members from Constructive Dialogue who claimed it was ‘misguided and one-sided’ ....
Brady commented: ‘It’s a great day for RIBA ethics in architecture. This was a focused motion at a key time -when the world wants this illegal building on occupied land by Israeli in Palestine to stop now - as it contravenes international law and Cameron, Obama and many others including all UN state this. 
‘We have added our voice in a strong way. This was a sensitive debate for justice and to add positive value.
 ‘This is not a boycott this is the affirmation that in terms of the UIA code of ethics and professionalism, architects should not practice in occupied territory.‘We as architects need to stand up for what is right. This will open the way for other similar issues to come forward.’""
Incidentally, I hear on the grape vine that the BDSers are hoping that the professional body of British town planners will emulate the architects...

See also my post of 26 March here


  1. Looks like you're more on the ball than the online JC Daphne.

    1. Give them a chance, Shomer! They have to sift through all the celebrity news before they get to the serious stuff!

  2. The JC have got around to it now, Shomer:

  3. They have such a lot on their minds to concentrate on - not designing bloody ugly buildings you understand - but Nazi qualified BDS. How about looking at these RIBAS?
    3/17/2014 Slaughter House of Human Meat by Tamar Yonah WARNING: This blog contains extremely graphic material!
    According to Walid Shoebat, there is a Christian holocaust going on in Syria. We have long known about the abuse of Christians, Jews and even certain Muslims, under Islamic regimes. We have heard about the rapes and kidnappings of Coptic Christian women in Egypt, the beheading of civilians by terrorists all over the middle east, and the mutilation of bodies of their victims. However, I don't think anyone has imagined the scale of evil that is taking place in Syria today. Below, I am posting a blog written by Walid Shoebat and his son, Theodore, showing graphic video images of, what they call, a Christian holocaust taking place in Syria. When Jews were being slaughtered in Europe during WWII, no one wanted to listen, and after the war, people claimed they didn't know what was going on and so couldn't do anything to help. Well, this blog post below by the Shoebats, WILL inform you of what is going on in this 3 year civil war in Syria. I am posting the information here for my readers, but I ask that you give a click on this link below, to give credit where credit is due.
    Please click here:

  4. I really, really would like to know how a supposedly intelligent human being can be so utterly, irredeemeably thick as to fall for the 'illegal settlements' lie.

  5. The vote went 23 for the motion, 16 against an 10 abstentions.
    Brady is a hypocritical bigot - lots of contracts in China, no boycott or moralising there!

    Meanwhile, a BDS fundraiser for Jake Lynch will be held on * April in Sydney Uni:
    Please share if people want to go there and protest/leaflet etc.

    THank you.

  6. Abe Hayeem is a Jewish Israel-hating architect, no doubt he was agitating for this..

  7. Any British architect out there know whether RIBA is a Professional body? That is, does a British-based architect have to be a member to practice in the UK? If not, and if, further, it has no terms and conditions of employment functions, we may see a flood out of the body, as has happened to UCU in England & Wales although this body does have a t & c role as a recognised trade union. Could adversely affect RIBA's income.

    I know I left the latter immediately upon retirement.

  8. The Jewish Chronicle editorial (20 March):
    Be in no doubt. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is now officially antisemitic. On Wednesday, it voted to support a ban on Jews from joining the International Union of Architects. It didn’t put it quite like that, of course. The wording of its motion referred to ‘Israelis’ rather than ‘Jews’. But in singling out the Jewish state for opprobrium, over and above every other nation on earth, and in seeking to ban Jews — sorry, Israelis — from membership, the driving force behind both the BDS campaign and its RIBA conspirators is clear. Jew hatred lives on in RIBA.


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