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Thursday 30 January 2014

Drumont's Ghost Walks On Facebook ...

But Facebook (so far) refuses to exorcise it.

The vile Facebook page containing this, along with many other antisemitic cartoons (most attributed a Ben Garrison; but see a reader's comment below) that are reminiscent of the depravity peddled by such infamous judeophobes as Edouard Drumont with his La Libre Parole and Julius Streicher with his Der Stürmer, has been in operation only since 24 January.  In that short time it has managed to amass over 700 "Likes" (727 at the time of writing).

It has been reported for the hate-site it is by a growing number of disgusted people.  Among them is the indefatigable Shirlee Finn, who's no stranger to readers of my blog, and who herself blogs here.

Shirlee took the trouble to report every single one of the despicable posts on the despicable Facebook page in question.

She has been informed that, having carried out a review, Facebook sees no reason to take the page down.

Shirlee, who's since written Facebook a well-deserved "stinking" riposte, is so incensed that she is thinking of contacting the media about this.

I'm not surprised.

That Facebook sees nothing objectionable about the page beggars belief, and leaves a sickening feeling in the pit of the stomach.

Perhaps they have been swayed by the absurd introductory note at the top of the page:

The Merchant aka Le Happy Merchant is a famous meme
 Butthurts not welcome
 The page is just for fun,its not hate,so please dont be offened
. [sic]

If such a piece of excrescence doesn't meet Facebook's criteria for offensiveness, what does?

And what does this say not only about Facebook's moral compass, but its commonsense?

Please bombard Facebook with complaints!


  1. They must be getting thousands of complaints now.
    Just keep on doing it. It's called 'people power'

    There is an option for Feedback with every one they review. Let them have it, without being rude. On the compulsory questions I give negative or neutral answers

  2. Over 800 "Likes" now. Depraved individuals.

  3. Have reported to CST . Think it best not to post . There are plenty like that .


  4. Everyone is ecstatic the page down and that really wasn't difficult as it was good old fashioned antisemitism.
    What it did show, and I had a good any young people involved, that if we work together we can achieve.
    That is the important lesson.

    1. But like the frightful Christians United for Peace page, which was removed, will it go back up?

    2. It's still there, it was down for maintenance. Will email you about that

  5. Even if the page was removed, you mix further problems with this "victory".

    One of the prime complaints with Jews is how anything that can be construed as critical of Jews as a religious, ethnic, or historical community is stifled and removed. "Anti-semitism" is somehow placed as a crime separate and above racism or any other discrimination. The Jew, as presented, is Chosen and thus superior; all who disagree are debased and inhuman.

    It is this culture that disgusts people, and crude memes like Le Happy Merchant aren't going to disappear because you wish them squashed. They just get taken more seriously by people annoyed with your apparently selective worldview, and willingness to utilize censorship and revision.

    I don't expect this comment to last long, but I think I've done more for expressing concern here than most.

  6. Ben Garisson didn't draw those cartoons, they were drawn by a white supremacist named Wyatt Kaldenberg aka "A Wyatt Mann". Kaldenberg is known for having thrown a chair at Geraldo Rivera on TV. Kaldenberg himself stopped drawing in the early 2000's, but his work is still popular on various racist sites and already inspired the "Bix Nood" meme.

    It's become a big running joke on 4chan to photoshop images from Wyatt Mann cartoons into Garisson drawings, or to shop Garisson's signature onto Wyatt Mann cartoons and child porn. You can tell they are faked because they keep using the same Jew over and over. You can see the unedited Garisson cartoons by googling his site Grrr Garisson knows about all of this and has a disclaimer up; sadly though, he's pretty web-illiterate and seems to think Wyatt Mann himself did the editing.

    1. Thanks very much for enlightening us. I appreciate your comment.


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