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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Islam's Backward, Barbaric Misogyny, & The "Progressive" Westerners Who Indulge It (video)

With honourable exceptions, Western  feminists are turning a deliberate blind eye to the misogyny of an imported religion that (as repeatedly glimpsed here) demeans women, permits wife-beating, tolerates if not requires female genital mutilation (see two imams arguing on this matter here), promotes forced marriages,  "honour killings," and  "rape jihad,"  and threatens to imperil themselves and their own female offspring, by acquiescing in the servile Western appeasement of Islam that tolerates the infringement of women's hard-won rights.

In thus helping to fashion the tools of their own oppression, Western women (I myself also include leftwing Western men in this indictment) are betraying not only themselves and their female relatives and offspring but they also betray women who suffer under Sharia, whose courts are mushrooming in Britain.

Love him or hate him, in this video Pat Condell is superb, absolutely nailing the issues as he excoriates the supine hypocrisy of the feminists who are quick to condemn the male chauvinism, real and supposed, of their own menfolk, but fail to condemn the brutal and backward attitude to women that characterises Islam.

A good point is his observation that the emancipation of women from Islamic oppression should be seen as urgent a matter as was the abolition of slavery a couple of hundred years ago.

 And as a bonus, that must-see should be followed by these must-read articles here and here


  1. Re FGM:

  2. Condell is right about "progressive" feminists who ignore or even acquiesce in the treatment of women under Sharia, including in the West, but I have to agree there is a special place in hell for "progressive" men who do exactly the same. They are worse.

    These blokes disgust me. Cowardly and unmanly. It is not brave to intervene when women are being bashed, bullied and treated like livestock by so called "men". It is just morally depraved not to.

    And then there is the ultimate. What can you say about a gay man who gives an interview to Press TV denouncing Israel on Kill The Jews Day?

    Try the spokesperson for his party on gay rights.

    1. Yes, Geoff, spot-on about the gay Israel bashers.

  3. Vile trade in women in Afghanistan:

  4. An outrage in Yemen:


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