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Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Muslim Anti-Israel Blame Game: A Turk Who Gets It & A Palestinian Who Sort Of Does

From Turkish broadcaster Sinem Tezyapar,  an enlightened view of the Muslim anti-Israel blame game:
"Whenever calamities befall Muslim-majority nations, there is always a country to blame: Israel. Is there a revolution against a tyrant? Zionists are responsible. Who else could be at fault if there is a clash between Sunni and Shia groups? The Jews. Did a bomb explode on the other side of the world, or is there a problem with the economy? No need look any further than Israel. And where else would the control center for destabilizing the Arab world be? In Tel Aviv, of course!
 The late Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi blamed Israel for the violence and unrest in Africa. Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said that the turmoil in the Arab world is a pro-Zionist conspiracy. Saudi cleric Sheikh Ismae’il al-Hafoufi blamed Israel for the desecration of Islamic holy sites in Syria. Sheik Abd al-Jalil al-Karouri, a Sudanese cleric, pointed to Israel for the Boston and Texas bombings. And then there’s the belief that Zionists planned the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, to demonize Arabs and Muslims in the eyes of the world.
This madness of putting the blame on Zionists — and Israel in general — is a knee-jerk reaction with no basis in logic. The most surprising part is that so many people believe this without question and continue to disseminate such rumors far and wide.
Syria, Egypt, Iran and Lebanon all aggressively hold the “Zionist regime” responsible for their woes. While Bashar Assad accuses Israel of trying to destabilize Syria, the Syrian opposition blames Israel for assisting the Assad regime by giving them diplomatic cover. Both sides see Israel as responsible for all the bloodshed and unrest going on in Syria. Now with the possibility of an international intervention in Syria, Iranian legislators and commanders are issuing blunt warnings, saying any military strike from the United States on Syria would lead to a retaliatory attack on Israel. Israel’s staying out of the equation, it seems, is simply not possible. Even though Israeli politicians refrain from taking sides in the regional conflicts, all sides point toward Israel anyhow....
It must sound like a bizarre joke for some, but this tragicomic situation is quite serious for many in the Middle East. We are no longer surprised to hear Israel’s being the scapegoat for every single evil in the world, but Iran’s blaming the Zionist entity for the deadly earthquake in Iran was pushing the limits of credulity. This, despite the fact that Jews are a handful of people, a tiny population when compared to the overall population of the world.
Now let’s look at what is really going on in the Islamic-Arab world. There is a continuous and unending stream of hate — hate of the Shia, hate of the Wahabbi, hate of the Sunni, hate of the Alawi, hate of the Christians, hate of the Jews and so on. We also see slogans such as: “May God Destroy Israel,” “Down With the United States,” “Damn the West.” Hatred is deeply ingrained in their tradition, in their culture and in their own education. This fierce, venomous style is what is tearing the Islamic world apart; this is exactly what is happening in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan and others — Muslims killing Muslims.
This outcome is the result of intense efforts by some Muslim clerics who encourage hatred of the “other.” Muslims kill each other and then both sides blame the Jews. Wahabbi scholars say that all Sunnis are unbelievers and should be destroyed. Sunni scholars say Shias are unbelievers and their death is obligatory. Shias say that it is obligatory to kill Sunnis, as they are enemies. These are Muslim clerics who are promoting the most violent brand of sectarianism, preaching hatred and calling upon their followers to commit massacres. How do Jews make Muslims kill other Muslims? ...."
(Read the entire article here) Hat tip: StandWithUs

Her article reminds me of something written in the Comment section of this Palestinian website recently by Khalid Amayreh, resident in the West Bank, and no fan of Israel, since, he tells his readers, he "lost three uncles to Zionist bullets":

"As a Palestinian, I am really shocked and ashamed by the brazenly unethical support  and cheap  opportunism the Palestinian Authority (PA) is displaying vis-à-vis the murderous regimes in Damascus and Cairo.
Indeed, despite the manifestly genocidal crimes of the Nazi-like regime in Syria against its own people, including the latest chemical massacre at the Eastern Ghouta near Damascus, the PA refused to utter a single word in condemnation of the carnage....
This is more than just political blindness and moral duplicity. This is no less than crossing all moral and ethical red lines. Keeping silent about the ongoing genocide in Syria at the hands of the murderer of Damascus, let alone violently dispersing peaceful demonstrators protesting Assad's Nazi-like behavior, will be an indelible stigma of shame on the forehead of the PA leadership....
.... The evil backing by the PA regime of the murderous juntas in Damascus and Cairo is really a colossal moral insult to the glorious Palestinian struggle.
This is because it is starkly hypocritical and morally duplicitous to cheer the murderous killings of Syrian and Egyptian civilians at the hands of sub-human thugs in both Arab countries while daring to criticize the Zionist state of Israel for markedly lesser crimes against us Palestinians.
Yes, Israel killed untold numbers of Palestinians, civilians and freedom fighters alike. But Israel is unlikely to have reached this level of barbarianism and depravity. This may be politically incorrect to say, however the pornographic massacres by the  Sisi and Assad gangs have left us no margin for  prevarication or juggling with words....
 Israelis and Jews didn't celebrate these massacres [he lists the usual litany in the anti-Israel arsenal] as some hopelessly pathetic Arabs are now celebrating "the victories" of the Egyptian and Syrian armies against women and children in Rabaa and Ghouta...."

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  1. So does the PA get their bullet points from the US State Department the New York Times or is it the other way around.


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