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Wednesday 14 August 2013

"Is The Iranian Regime Sponsoring This Contest?": Jean's French Letter

Reader and occasional guest blogger Jean Vercors has reacted angrily to the announcement in the French magazine L'Opinion (avowed editorial line "liberal, pro-business, European") of a drawing competition on the theme of "the resumption of Israeli colonisation" in response to the Israeli government's decision revealed on Sunday.

Runs the announcement:
 'Concours de dessin : la reprise de la colonisation par Israël
Malgré la relance du processus de paix, le gouvernement de Benjamin Netanyahou vient d'annoncer la construction de 1000 nouveaux logements dans les colonies de Cisjordanie et Jérusalem-Est. Des signaux contradictoires qui devraient inspirer nos dessinateurs d'actualité. Date limite d'envoi mardi 13 août à 16h.'
In an Open Letter to L'Opinion's editor (see here for his full French original) Jean  remarks:
'.... There was a time in 1939 in occupied France,  anti-Jewish Goebbels cartoons were plastered at every street corner by French collaborators.
You'd tell me, but this is a hot topic and we have a duty to speak about it.
Except that this drawing contest may give free speech to Pseudo artists who will fundamentally be anti-Israelis if not anti-Jews.
Let me ask you this question that first comes to mind:
Is the Iranian mullahs' regime sponsoring this contest?
Does your site want to honor the new Israelis instigators of Jewish hatred as in 2006 when the Iranian government sponsored a caricature contest of the Shoah?
Endorsing such a contest is to my eyes pure anti-Israeli propaganda; it can only produce more killers of Jews as Mohamed Merah in Toulouse. A drawing contest of that sort is equivalent to incite hatred and violence and only promotes antisemitism.
For your information, more than half of racist attacks in France are directed against the Jews. 13 years of anti-Semitic violence in France: the climate is unacceptable.
Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument.  Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes.
Propaganda is a set of psychological operations affecting the public perception of events, people or issues in order to indoctrinate and indoctrinate the population and to think and act in a desired manner. And that's exactly what this contest is about.
The historical facts: Judea and Samaria belong to the Jewish people; no independent state on this territory other than Jewish has ever emerged.
Isn’t the Jew coming from Judea?
Contrary to claims made by Palestinian leadership and others in the international community, international law fully recognizes Jewish claims in Judea and Samaria. These areas were part of the Palestine Mandate, which granted Jews the right to settle anywhere west of the Jordan River and to establish a national home there. History reminds us that the Palestine Mandate, supported by all 51 members of the League of Nations at the time, and codified in international law, is recognized as legally valid by the United Nations in Article 80 of the UN Charter. In addition, the International Court of Justice has reaffirmed this on three different occasions.
On your site, you pretend being an opinion media. Engaged and open, defending his ideas but also giving a voice to those whose views are different.So in the near future, do you intend to run other drawing contest to rebalance the info such as:
The French collaboration in 1939;
 The French colonization;
The persecution of Christians in the Muslim world;
or why not the Islamization of France....'
Why not indeed.


  1. OT
    SBS News couldn't bring themselves to report a Grad rocket fired at Eilat. But amazingly they did report a positive story.

    Mission to mend Tanzanian broken hearts
    "The surgeon and his six-member Tanzanian medical team – paediatric cardiologist Naiz Majani, paediatric cardiologist Godfrey Mbawala, paediatric intensive care doctor Josephat Mukama, anesthetist Benard Kanemo, cardiac anesthetist Kimaro Ernestina and perfusionist Thomas Kimani - have come here to learn from the Israel-based charity Save A Child’s Heart (SACH).
    Their tuition has been funded entirely by Australia’s high-profile Pratt Foundation, while sponsorship from across the globe allows SACH to fly-in young patients, like Salma, for the medical team to operate on using their state of the art equipment."

    1. I haven't seen much of SBS since I've been back. Must make the effort...

    2. SBS is still to the left of Stalin

      They have some YT vids up, no mention of Israel in the descriptions or Pratt or Save A Child's Heart.

      Tanzania's first paediatric heart surgeon saving lives
      Tanzanian heart surgeon tells his story

    3. I remember former newsreader Mary Kostakidis - a class act - disappointed to find she's apparently an inveterate foe of Israel.

    4. I know she's a real cliche, right down to being on the Sydney "Peace" Prize committee. The main thing that puts me off SBS News are their endless amateurish stuffups.


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