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Sunday 25 August 2013

"Every Time You Think He Cannot Sink Lower ...": Syria, Israel, & British Brothers in Arms

From Uganda (he certainly gets around) crusading anti-Israel Anglican vicar Stephen Sizer, a fond fan of Kairos Britain (see my previous post for its iniquities), a ferocious foe of the Balfour Declaration (he and chums are fighting a curious, furious rearguard action against it via the "Balfour Project"), and a not infrequent voice on the Iranian regime's notorious propaganda satellite channel Press TV, has told his Facebook faithful (hat tip: reader P):

"George" is the vehemently anti-Israel politician George Galloway, who represents the heavily Muslim constituency Bradford West for the so-called Respect Party in the "Mother of Parliaments," and has suggested on Press TV that Israel provided the chemical weapons that killed so many innocents in Syria a few days ago:
"If there has been a use of chemical weapons it was al-Qaeda who used chemical weapons.
Who gave al-Qaeda chemical weapons?
 Here’s my theory: Israel gave them the chemical weapons so that they would use them so that they would bring the international community into the final destruction of Syria..."

Writes Alex Massie in The Spectator:
"Say this for George Galloway: every time you think he cannot sink any lower he finds new ways to surprise you. His latest contribution to Press TV, Iran’s propaganda station, speaks for itself. Parody is pointless.Given his history and his paymasters, we would expect him to defend the Assad regime in Syria. Even so, under-estimating his ability to sniff out the true villains is never sensible...."
 See also, incidentally, this pro-Israel Christian blog

By the way, what might George and Stephen have been saying to each other in this photo from earlier this year?  Click here for suggestions!


  1. Speaking of Gorgeous George he's a very sick little puppy:
    George Galloway’s Ex-Mistress Reveals His Deviant Sexual Perversions

  2. GG and SS, two bad pennies, always turning up where they are not wanted.

  3. why doesn't Sizer speak out against apartheid in Malaysia where he had the gall to go and speak about israeli a "apartheid" see
    Anti Israel activist Stephen Sizer addressed a conference in Malaysia in league with individuals connected to the Islamic terror organization Hamas. While 22 percent of university students in Israel are Arab and thousands of Arabs voluntarily serve in the Israeli military, the Malaysian government operates a strict racial apartheid policy enshrined in pro Islamic law where Chinese, Christian, and ethnic Indian students are forced to study abroad. Yet in Malaysia, Sizer lied denouncing Israel as apartheid but uttered not a sentence about the documented apartheid in Malaysia.

    True to form, as children are raped and thousands are exterminated in Syria, Sizer visited the Assad regime’s sponsors – Â Iran to denounce Israel. In Iran he again denounced Israel but uttered not a word about the 98 percent of Christian pastors in Iran who were hung by Sizer’s Iranian regime hosts. Now true to form, Sizer is quiet about the open genocide in Syria preferring to brandish false charges against Israel which solidly protects its Christian Arab population. If there was a Nobel prize for dishonesty and hypocrisy, the vicar of Christchurch, Virginia Waters in the UK Â - Stephen Sizer would get it. In Sizer’s economy, it is permissible to be buddy buddy with proponents of Islamic terror, and to remain quiet in the face of the persecution of Christians, the genocidal extermination of civilians, and the rape of children. But a small nation defending its very existence from such radical Islamic extremists is to be condemned.

  4. You may be interested in this on Press TV, Prince Charles, Galloway and the Jews:


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